Another War

Dr. Michael LaitmanJust before the decision to enter Gaza, Hamas posted a song on the Internet; already countless parodies of the song have appeared in Israel. While this song is primitive and absurd, one should pay attention to one of the lines: “Zionists’ hearts are divided and separated. Everyone pulls in a different direction…”

Oh, no wonder Hamas wrote these lines! It’s not in vain that they praise discord within our nation. They feel that it is our weak spot. That they have to hit there!

They see that we are divided by parties, leaders, right, left, separated into Russians and Israelis, rich and poor, on departing and remaining … We are divided!

And when we are apart at least a centimeter, millimeter, micron, they can lay explosives in this gap and explode, turning the gap into a huge hole. And now our children are forced to fight just because there is discord between us.

“What nonsense is this?” “What’s the connection?” – You would ask.

Well, here is the answer. We will refer to history.

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