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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the role of the Americans in the general correction, and how is it possible to realize this role in this present series of conventions?

Answer: The role of the Americans in the general correction is very great. According to the higher plan, America grew and became a nation that has become most influential in the world, even negatively, and we hope that someday it will be positive.

Hence we need to understand that there is an opportunity from above in the hands of all of our American friends. It is the invitation to give a good example of unification to the world.

After all, our world is deteriorating rapidly into a dangerous stage, in fact, toward all-out war. So, our American groups should carefully think about what is happening and try to prevent the threat.

It is no coincidence that America is opposite to the state of unification. It has attained great success in elevating private interests and cultivating individualism. So, now, on the contrary, the Americans must stand against this, rising to a level of unification.

As a result of this, all of our American groups must unite within each of them and between them. They must become a unified American group, and, even within it, they must continue the dynamics of the various parts between them, sometimes creating tense relationships with all that is derived from this, and even when the power of separation flares up between them. However, above it, they will be ready to activate the power of unity.

Together with their opposition to unity—to friendship, to the good force, to love—America must give an example of connection. Very important work has been imposed on the part of the American world Kli. All of us hope that our friends in America, and, first of all, in the United States, understand this. They must understand that our whole world Kli requires this of them.

If they will act in the right way, then they will influence all of the American people and, through it, the entire world, by giving it the right direction.

So, our convention in America is so important. It truly can change the fate of the world if only our American groups will understand that it depends upon them.
From lesson 2 of the Convention In Toronto “Day Two” 8/06/14

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