America Is Getting Ready For A Convention In August!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do virtual students need to invest efforts to meet to feel each on a physical level? Is it possible to skip over this limitation and only exist in a virtual world, which is symbolic of our time?

Answer: No, this is impossible to skip. Regular people who don’t have a point in the heart are not required to have a tight connection with each other. But we must be connected to each other. I think that the convention in America, which will be held in August this year in New York, will become a place in which all of us connect for a few days in order to discuss and clarify something very simple: What are we lacking in order to open the spiritual world for ourselves?

This is the main question, which concerns all of us, and it should become the theme of this convention. And rightly so. Even though this is an egoistic goal, this is what specifically interests us now. We cannot pretend that we are enlightened altruists.

We want to reach the opening of our eyes in the spiritual world and we need to clarify exactly what needs to be done in order to realize our desires. For this we are organizing the convention. Therefore, we must go to it, we must enter and integrate within it, discuss this, and determine clearly once and for all, what we have already done and what we must still do in order to reach the desired result!

Therefore, I turn to the many thousands of our friends who are scattered all over America: Get ready for the convention! We must meet and clarify between us what else is missing for each one of us to reach discovery of the upper world, discovery of the higher power.

It must be clear to everyone that if he does the required actions: one, two, three, then the discovery will happen, and very soon. This is necessary so that we will not deceive ourselves and will not be involved in useless things that don’t bring results.

And then everyone will be sure  that even if somewhere in Alaska without a physical group, they will advance correctly and rapidly and will not be discouraged about sitting alone in front of a screen. Each one will know that he or she is acting for the sake of spiritual discovery, advancing towards it, and feeling it.

If we perform the right course of actions, then even if we are far from the target, according to our actions and reactions, we can see that we are advancing. Although the signs of advancement can be negative—feeling greater difficulty and heaviness, confusion, deeper descents—all this indicates advancement.

So, I am asking, let’s all get ready to meet at the convention in August. In anticipation, you need to connect as much as possible and start preparing ourselves for this call and these clarifications.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/3/14, Q&A with Rav Laitman

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