Political Economy Of The New Globalism

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Nikolay Kobelev, PhD (Economics), Professor at the Russian Federation Financial University): “The development of production forces has reached the level that the 10 percent of the workforce is sufficient to provide for humanity. The agricultural production and industry of Argentina with a population of 40 million people can feed the whole world.

“Industry and technology can receive all the necessary materials and products from natural elements, found in abundance in the earth’s crust and air. Energy resources (oil, gas, coal) can be substituted (atomic energy, wind, ocean waves, the sun); lack of energy and limits of resources do not threaten humanity.

“But political and social control mechanisms conducted according to the inadequate old models and theories hinder the management of the world as a whole. The rapid growth of the political influence of transnational corporations and financial-industrial groups led the government to losing control over the world economy.

“Global world processes are managed by money, large corporations, and a handful of people who own enormous financial resources. Each of them takes care of the object of his interest. Money has become the equivalent not only in economy and production, but also in education, science, medicine, which cannot be assessed by an amount of money.”

My Comment: If mankind doesn’t change, using the method of the Upper Force, of the Light, of course, the skeptics would be right. But precisely the same Ohr Makif, the Surrounding Light, produced our egoism and it will correct it. Therefore, there is no place for any other method.

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