Israel: Hope For A New Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Now all of Israel is under rocket fire and everyone felt what it means to live in constant tension and fear like residents of the south of the country have been experiencing for more than ten years. During this time, a generation of children has grown up whom we call the “generation Qassam.”

This is a generation that is accustomed to the constant air-raid sirens and life in shelters. We do not have the most basic conditions necessary for life. We cannot let a child go to a kindergarten without fear—if this kindergarten functions at all.

We almost have lost hope that our lives will ever improve. There were so many attempts to find a true, permanent solution that would solve this problem forever. However, at best, we get a break for a few months, and then everything returns. What solution can you offer to give us hope for a new life?

Answer: Now, for the first time in the history of the modern state of Israel, I really feel hope for change. For the first time, after two thousand years of exile, we finally have hope.

In the old days, it was impossible even to think about the true mission of the people of Israel who are intended to bring the entire world to liberation. However, today, this mission is becoming more obvious, and it is precisely from this difficult condition our nation exists in now.

The history of human development should lead us all to unity. We, human beings, do not unite with each other in a natural way as does the still, vegetative, and animate world. All of nature behaves as a single mechanism, a general, closed, integral system. In nature, everything is connected and in harmony, in balance, with each other.

However, as a result of his development, the human being brought imbalance into this system. The more humankind develops, the greater imbalance it causes in the system. It, itself, is unbalanced within itself because of its huge egoism, pushes people away from each other, and tears humanity to pieces, and the same egoism separates us from the whole of nature.

The human being becomes such a harmful organism that he recognizes no balance or harmony and disregards anything except his own immediate benefit. I cannot abandon my egoism for the sake of the next moment, even for myself. Every second, it controls me so much that I cannot think of anything except my fulfillment at every moment of my existence.

If I can do this at the expense of someone else, it is even better. If, along the way, I crush him, I feel much nicer. Thus, I build myself on general destruction.

Thus, we have come to the general crisis that the world experiences today. It is impossible to solve this crisis by any means except for the realization of the mission of the people of Israel.

This crisis is not only in Israel, but all over the world—the crisis of everyone, of the entire still, vegetative, and animate nature, in the economy, education, and family. This is a global crisis, involving the entire world and already is leading to a third world war.

This is a special state that has no precedent in history. We never have been so connected between each other around the globe, have never been in such dependence on each other. For the first time, we have found ourselves completely confused without any means of control over our lives. All of life is out of our control.

We see that, among the leaders, the heads of governments and large organizations, there is no one who knows what to do with the world. There is no such king or president. It is a desperate state, causing general depression. To correct it, we must achieve balance with the general system of nature. This is the mission of the people of Israel entrusted to it since the days of ancient Babylon.

In ancient Babylon, we were in such a state, but then we were a small group of three million people living in a small area in the Mesopotamian region. Our presumptuous egoism made us build a tower to the heavens. No one wanted to know the other, although before that, we used to live in mutual harmony and understanding. However, then things went awry.

Then, a group of people led by Abraham broke away from the Babylonians. This group didn’t want to go along with egoism but sought the Creator and love toward others. That’s why they called themselves Israel, which means “straight to the Creator.”

The Torah tells about the stages that this group underwent in its correction: the ups and downs with respect to their connection with each other. In the end, they will realize their dreams and reach connection, which is called “the nation of Israel in the land of Israel.”

In the meantime, all the other Babylonians were scattered around the globe and continued to evolve with their egoism. Now, it is necessary to correct all of humanity. Thus, Israel must become a light to the nations of the world. Just as Abraham had once taught them, they must now teach all of humanity how to achieve balance with nature and peace.

When we reveal general perfection, we will rise to a completely different dimension. This is the role of the people of Israel in the world. It turns out that, as long as we do not realize our purpose—do not set an example to all the nations of the world, do not give them knowledge, Light, correction, fulfillment, the feeling of a round, kind, connected world—we will feel their hatred.

After all, they all feel that they should get something good from Israel, and don’t get it. Thus, they blame Israel for all the world’s problems. Although there is no evidence to support our connection with negative events, the nations of the world intuitively sense that all the evil in the world comes from us, from the smallest to the largest.

On the one hand, they know that we are special, smart people, full of strength and opportunities. On the other hand, we did not bring them what they needed to get from us. That’s why they feel that we are the cause of all their troubles.

So, when we look today at Hamas, we need to see how, gradually, the entire world, without exception, is gathering behind it. Those groups, countries, and organizations that were once our allies, gradually are leaving us and switching to the other side, including Jews living in other countries.

That is because we are approaching a state where everyone in the world is beginning to feel that Israel is a harmful country, a bad force, because it was obliged to do good for everyone, but doesn’t.

That is, we are fighting not with Hamas and not even with the world. We are at war with a completely different opponent. Indeed, the world is passive and just waiting for something good from us.

How can we get rid of Qassam rockets and solve this problem once and for all? There’s no physical solution. The military operation that is going on now should show this quite clearly. We stand against the enemy who is willing to die. It does not care about children, does not care about its own life. It is ready to do anything to wipe us off the face of the earth as a source of evil in the world, and the entire world is behind it.

We are a small nation standing against this enemy, and at the same time, divided, fragmented, and split by disputes. This is our state.

What solution do we hope for? The solution is simple: We must give the world the idea that Abraham brought us once, that is, connection, unity, and love cover everything happening in the world. Love will cover all sins.

We do not need to fight against egoism and evil, but we need to teach the entire world, and above all ourselves, how to be in a kind and good connection between ourselves. Then, we must bring all the rest to it so that all people are united by ties of love, as it is taught in the Torah, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” This is the basic law of the entire Torah, which explains the structure of the whole universe.

Question: I did not understand. Do I have to love those who shoot missiles at me?

Answer: First of all, you must love every Jew, at least within the boundaries of the state of Israel, as you love yourself. You should relate equally to your family, to your children, and the neighbor who lives near you.

When we reach such love among the people of Israel; we will become a Light to the nations of the world and be able to show them an example that it is possible to live in connection and love.

That’s exactly what the world expects of us. All of these wars are intended only to oblige us to find the right connection between us and become a Light to all the nations, a correct and good example for all of humanity.

We have a method that allows us to realize this called Kabbalah. It accompanies us in concealment throughout our journey, but is revealed only today for the implementation of this principle: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”
From KabTV’s “Talks about a New Life” 7/22/14

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