A People Of The Idea

A People Of The IdeaHistory tells us that our people gathered around the Idea. Not around the river, not around some area, but around the Idea. We can resent, resist, and scream that we want to be like everyone else. Nothing will come of it. We will not be like everyone else because precisely the Idea determines what we should be.

This Idea was put forward by Abraham 3,800 years ago, in a fragmented, riven by discord Babylon. This was not some philosophizing or guessing. The Law that governs the world was revealed to Abraham.

Then, everything was “ruled” by idols. Every natural phenomenon had its god. And Abraham said: “We worship them in vain. It is not the idols what rules the world. There is a Single Law. The Law of Nature. The Law of Equilibrium. The Law of Unity. The Law of infinite Love. We exist within it. It covers us like a mother covers a child. If we correspond to it, we will prosper. If we don’t correspond to it, we’ll suffer.”

From the entire Babylon, only a few thousand people listened to Abraham. They followed him in search of happiness.

Thus a people of Israel was born. “Love thy neighbor as thyself” was the foundation of this nation. Unity became its root.
From the booklet, “Time to Act” 

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