The Country Of One Destiny

Dr. Michael LaitmanSuch is our country: a country with one destiny for everyone. And with thoughts about the future. What awaits us? What awaits our children? Our grandchildren? In general, do we have the future, or are we destined to endlessly fend off bandits, breaking into our homes?

But how long can this last? How long can we shudder from news reports: “For the past twenty four hours there were four killed”? And see the pictures of smiling 19-20 year old boys. Today, there are already dozens killed! And each of them is close, dear. And everyone is the crack in the heart.

In this difficult time, we badly want to keep strong, not to lose hope. And we so much want to give hope to others: “Everything will be fine, guys! There will be peace and tranquility! You’ll see, we’ll still be happy here in our home.”

We just have to understand something, to make a small effort. Very small! And then fate turns to face us, and we will say with surprise: “Is it so easy?! And why have we resisted all the time?'”

That’s why we have decided to write a special booklet. And do not be surprised that we start a conversation with another war.

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