A Distant, Close Goal

Dr. Michael LaitmanAt the upcoming convention in Saint Petersburg, every nation must show and demonstrate what it has attained rapprochement within it, between its groups, and its members.

This is required to stimulate and inspire each other, to show an example to each other, to consult with each other, to share their capabilities and attainments and to push each other towards even greater inner unity in every nation, in every region. It could be that we will even begin with some kind of shared unification between us, even though this is not yet seen clearly inside. It could be in another year or perhaps two years.

In the meantime we don’t feel a need for unification. And if there is no pressing need for this, then nothing can be done. When you will more or less find your regional capabilities, suddenly the feeling will appear with you: “For the puzzle I am assembling, I need the European group, but it doesn’t exist! Where is it?! I cannot do without it.”

When you feel that you require this, then you will begin to pressure them and they will feel this from you. Today, in the meantime, all of the activities are realized artificially.

The Europeans have not reached the European convention because they don’t feel the necessity in this.

The discovery of the Creator through unity must be a permanently close distant goal for everyone. You cannot place other goals before you. You will become confused! After all, your attempts and efforts will not be a realistic solution.
From lesson 5 of the Convention In Sochi “Day Two” 7/14/14

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