The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 27

From the book The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein

Fundamental Principles of the Integral Theory

Long Before The Big Bang

Kabbalists have reported that the count of all that is, in general, began with a “plan” or, in other words, with the advent of a “program.” From that moment, we can talk about this. The point that was at the origin of “everything” is called the root or zero.

The author of the “design” is sometimes called the “Creator,” and sometimes – “Nature.”

In Kabbalah, these concepts are interchangeable, even Gematria – the numerical values of these words in the “mother tongue” of Kabbalah Hebrew – are identical. (Yehuda Ashlag, A Sage’s Fruit: Letters of Baal HaSulam)

A few words about the “design.”

“The ‘desire to receive’ in all its variety was included in the Thought of Creation from the very beginning.” (Yehuda Ashlag The Science of Kabbalah [Pticha]) It is also said that the “desire to receive” was created to receive pleasure from the Creator (Nature). Incidentally, the word “Kabbalah” in Hebrew means to receive. Thus, the “science of Kabbalah” is the science of receiving pleasure.

Any plan eventually assumes implementation, especially if it is the plan of “everything.”

And, indeed, a process began, as a result of which everything that we know and that we do not know appeared. In a word – everything.

Below, we show this grand and fateful process in a simplified, schematic form. To illustrate the phenomena accompanying it, we decided to use help of some well-known people.

Phase 0

The Purpose. The essence of the plan is to create the Created Being (a Desire), which is capable of receiving endless pleasure from the Creator.

“Is it not a true and only natural pleasure, whereof there is no satiety?” (Francis Bacon)

Phase 1

Creation begins to receive pleasure and becomes aware that it is a receiver, and the Creator is a giver, and therefore it ceases to receive.

“Eternal pleasure equals to eternal deficiency.” (William Shakespeare)

Phase 2

The created being attempts to give pleasure to the Creator, but is not able to do this.

“Pleasure is a feeling which the soul would rather experience than not experience.” (Stendhal)

Phase 3

Creation has returned to his role – receiver.

“Variety is the mother of enjoyment.” (Benjamin Disraeli)

Phase 4

Creation is trying to get pleasure, but not for himself, but for the sake of the Creator ...

“The art to increase pleasure lies in the ability to be stingy with it.” Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

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