Exile: On The Verge Of The Light And Darkness, Part 6

Laitman_006Question: What do anti-Semites of all generations want from the Jews?

Answer: They want to stop feeling that the Jews “command” them; they strive to end the sensation that the Jews are the reason for all their problems. Their claims to the Jews are very natural and correct.

Question: Correct?!

Answer: Yes! According to nature, everything they say is absolutely right. The Jews are the bearers of the ideology that harms the entire world.

“What’s wrong with us? We don’t harm anybody,” the Jews exclaim. In fact, without knowing it, they are lying. They are guilty. Today, they bring disasters to the world because they are separated. Accordingly, if they manage to change, they will attract immense happiness to this world.

The world thinks that they can get rid of the Jews, but this is an error in thinking. We have to show the world the real way out of this problem.

Anti-Semitism, the question of the attitude toward Jews, and everything connected with this issue will continue to expand, become stronger, and soon will replace all other most obvious and blatant problems worldwide. No matter what happens, whatever trouble or disaster occurs—wars, afflictions—everything will be blamed on the Jews. “If there is no water in the tap, the Jews drank the water…” (Russian satirical song). Nothing can be done; it’s a law of nature.

For how long will this situation last? It will continue until we, the Jews, will change the trend of things so that everybody reaches complete balance with the Creator and rises to His level. Until then, their accusations,in fact, will be natural and correct.

They just have to understand what exactly they demand from the Jews. As soon as we comprehend these issues ourselves and start moving in the right direction, they will realize it through us and help us. In this way, we’ll attain the level that Abraham wanted to reach in ancient Babylon.

Therefore, we currently are in the most critical point. Here it is! It’s right in front of us! It is happening as we speak! From this point on we have to start growing very rapidly. In other words, we will have to connect with each other and show the entire world the way to reach ultimate peace, the best eternal and benevolent state.
From KabTV’s “Babylon Yesterday and Today” 9/3/14, Part 6

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