Exile: On The Verge Of The Light And Darkness, Part 5

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How did the exile of the two tribes happen? Were they “slightly in touch” with “Babylon” without “dissolving” in it completely?

Answer: Yes. This state of affairs has continued for two thousand years. If they lived absolutely separately, isolated from the rest of humanity, nobody would ever “pick” on them. However, it is impossible for spiritual reasons. They had to connect with other nations, thus leading humanity forward to the future ascent, to the upcoming “enlightenment.”

That’s why the upper governance “spun” things in a way that they involuntarily were forced to live among other nations and somehow transfer the wisdom to them. The Jews always were physicians, clerks, etc. They initiated banking and various technologies. Everything started with them.

Question: And while they were in a state of unity, they weren’t in exile?

Answer: Right. They entered one or another country poor and ragged, huddled together. They were accepted in that “shape.” For the time being, everything went well and they led quiet and peaceful lives.

However, as soon as they were settling down and, most importantly, getting richer, the distance between them grew. The level of equality and brotherhood among them rapidly diminished. There were rich and poor Jews. The “scalpel” that separated them from each other plunged more deeply into the gap created between them. It was then that the problems arose and they immediately become hated until they were expelled from the countries they were living in.

We can draw a parallel with the Egyptian exile. First, the Jews were given the land of Goshen, a fertile piece of land and they started developing the country. This period is described as “seven years of satiation.”

Then, why did the “seven years of hunger” come? Why did the new ruler of Egypt intimidate them? Why did Egyptians hate the Jews and force them out of the country?

It happened because the Jews grew “fat.” It was a result of their “compliance” with egoism during the “seven years of satiation,” at the time when the Jewish influence was very high in Egypt. They “sold” themselves to egoism. As soon as they reached the maximum level of selfishness, “seven years of hunger,” the period of suppression and overpowering began. This period ended by “expelling” the Jews from Egypt.

In essence, the same processes took place in other countries. The last, most vivid example is Germany. There the Jews really strove to be like the Germans. They were lawyers, doctors, politicians. One of them seriously aimed at becoming Chancellor. We all know the result.

Question: How did the two surviving expelled tribes of Israel live in Babylon? In essence, wasn’t anti-Semitism that accompanies the Jews until today was born at that time?

Answer: Generally speaking, anti-Semitism originated in ancient Babylon since Abrahams group was meant to exit, to get away from there. Then, the same situation repeated in Egypt and once again during the Babylonian exile. It is about the same state of equilibrium or absence of balance between the Light and the desire.

However, the first open manifestation of anti-Semitism happened in Babylon at the time of Nebuchadnezzar after the loss of the Temple. The truth is that the Jews were not pushed out of there; rather, the terms of the exile expired. After Haman made an unsuccessful attempt to exterminate all the Jews in the country, a new king Cyrus, Esther’s son, а patron of the Jews came to power. By the way, during the Babylonian exile the queen of Babylon was a Jewish woman. So, her son Cyrus helped the Jews to return to Israel and gave them everything they needed to resurrect the Temple.

It was the time of prophets who shared the exile with their people and exited from the exile together with them. At that time, the people were at a spiritual level, not in the power of complete darkness as it happened later
From KabTV’s “Babylon Yesterday and Today” 9/03/14, Part 5

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