Exile: On The Verge Of The Light And Darkness, Part 4

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion:  A significant portion of the original sources emerged during the “vague” period of the destruction of the Temple. So, the books that appeared at that time had to be very elevated because they were written between the fall and the upcoming ascent. Is that right?

Answer: Of course! It was the time when the great Talmud was written and also a tremendous number of other books were created on this edge, including The Book of Zohar.

Those who wrote these books knew that people would fall into absolute darkness and rise again after many generations. They knew that in a number of centuries these books would surface again in order to let people implement the knowledge at the next higher level, together with all of humanity, all of Babylon.

Before, it was prohibited to put this knowledge in writing. Everything had to live in a person, and people worked internally. Why would anybody document anything if this wisdom was already written in the annals of their souls? Absolutely every bit of knowledge was inscribed in the memory of the “spiritual computer.” However, when people started losing connection with this computer, they obtained permission to write down the knowledge on paper. They began writing books, which is why we have ​the​ Babylonian Talmud, Mishnah, Gemarah, and The Book of Zohar.

Even today, after hundreds and thousands of years, there are dozens of volumes left, even though many parts of The Book of Zohar did not survive! Can you imagine how much they wrote?

That’s why the “Talmud” became a household word denoting something huge and comprehensive. We are talking about an incredible number of canonical texts that nobody is ever allowed to correct. Even if some lines seem wrong to us, they should still be left intact. It’s quite possible that later we’ll figure out that these lines are correct. We should know what is written there.

That’s why the Old Testament, i.e., the Torah, has remained intact since then. All further editions are identical to the archeological findings, no matter how old they are.

Question: So, the original texts carry some core rod?

Answer: Yes, they do. Even now, we continue studying the laws that explain how we should relate to these texts. We cannot change a thing in them! No matter what we think about the texts, we are strictly prohibited from changing them.

However, it is acceptable to make adaptations with references to the original text. At this time, we have processed The Book of Zohar slightly and made it more accessible to the general public. Otherwise, it is extremely hard and practically impossible to understand what’s written in these books, since they were meant for a different type of intellect or perception.

Question:  If so, the texts are written on the verge of the light and darkness, on the edge of the light and the exile. Do they carry the fetus of our further ascent?

Answer: The Mishnah, Talmud, Schulchan Aruch and many others were written and studied during the various phases of the exile. Starting with the fifteenth century, from the time of the Ari, the major book that acquired the biggest popularity among scholars is undoubtedly The Book of Zohar.

The two tribes from Abraham’s group carried the books with them through the entire exile and continued observing the principle of “loving their neighbor as themselves.”

The rest of the tribes vanished. They didn’t take the books with them because they were descendants of the First Temple, during which writing was completely prohibited.

Question: Does it mean that during the exile people were united around these writings? Were they written to attain unity?

Answer: Yes. Their task was to store the wisdom throughout history. At the end of the descent, The Book of Zohar had to be revealed. It was meant to help people leave the exile.
From KabTV’s “Babylon Yesterday and Today” 9/03/14, Part 6

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