Exile: On The Verge Of The Light And Darkness, Part 1

Dr. Michael LaitmanLet’s go into more details of the period of the destruction of the First Temple. In essence, it was a descent from the level of love, the obliteration of the “Temple of Love” among people.

Previously, all twelve tribes of Israel observed the principle of “loving their neighbors as themselves.” Then, this notion collapsed. As a result, ten tribes out of twelve vanished. In other words, they were spread throughout the world.

Formerly, they existed at the level of “loving their neighbors.” After their descent to a lower level, they had nothing to do in the land of Israel since they were no longer connected with the general desires that had to be corrected for the sake of reaching other levels. The two tribes were quite enough to reach the lowest degree and stay at this level.

Let’s put it this way: all twelve tribes fell from the level of love to the lowest degree. The difference between these two steps actually comprises the ten tribes. That’s why they vanished.

Afterward, they led humanity towards the contemporary period: the ultimate dead end, the crisis that nowadays embraces the entire world.

Question: What do you mean by “they led”?

Answer: Many key historic characters came from the ten tribes. After ascertaining this fact, people will blame the Jews for “spoiling” everything. They will accuse them of purposeful guidance of innocent humanity towards the global crisis throughout history.

Question: Is it true that all leaders who directed the most significant and large-scale historical processes and influenced them come from the ten tribes?

Answer: Yes, it is true. The majority of them are simply a part of the ten tribes.

Question: Do they still run humanity to the crisis, the deadlock we are currently in?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What happened with the other two tribes?

Answer: They fell from the level of the First Temple. It was the reason why they lost the war with Babylonians, their “neighbors” who were ruled by Nebuchadnezzar. After he conquered the Jews, he took some of them into captivity and left some in the land of Israel.

Only a very small number of the Jewish people returned and re-connected with their brothers later. So, the two tribes started to build the next temple.

Question: Do they still have a spark living in them?

Answer: Not just a spark! They never hit the very bottom. They fell from the level of “loving their neighbors” to the level of a good connection among them, a so called “level of Hassadim” which in essence is about “not harming each other,” establishing good relationships and being courteous with their neighbors: “I am not against you; you are not confronting me.” This is also a spiritual level since it is built above the ego.

That’s why after the Jews returned from Babylon they built the Second Temple, which was constructed under the guidance and direct supervision of the Babylonian tsar Cyrus, Esther’s son. It’s a “twisted” story of “family” relationships…
From KabTV’s “Babylon Yesterday and Today” 9/3/14, Part 6

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