How Long Will The 400 Years Of Your Exile Be?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What do the 400 years of exile that the Creator promised for the descendants of Abraham symbolize?

Answer: Exile is the discovery of the desires to receive that must be corrected. They are discovered gradually through the Upper Light, layer after layer, to the degree that we can tolerate it.

One cries about how difficult this is, another says he sleeps in the lesson, the third totally flees from here, but in spite of all this, someone will remain and be able to discover his evil.

This is called 400 years of exile: clarifying and discovering that we are not ready for connection, but want it very much in spite of it all. Therefore, this is done in stages and not all at once.

400 years (year – Shana) symbolizes 400 changes. Every change is a heaviness of the heart and a new darkness that comes as a reward for my effort, the desire to connect with the friends. And now I feel even more difficulty, I understand that nothing will help. I reject connection, I don’t want it, I am entirely crushed inside and lack power.

I don’t feel any taste in connection; I have no relationship to and interest in this and everything inside is completely transformed for me! Once I was on fire because I understood the importance of connection, whereas now I am totally extinguished.

We need to see how the Creator works on us, how He is ready to break us apart in a moment, to empty us completely. Once I thought and dreamt about this; I was drawn wholeheartedly; I was ready to burn myself just to reach the desired goal. And now I am now ready to talk about all kinds of nonsense, even worse than the most primitive person on the street.

But if I overcome this descent through connection with the friends, mutual guarantee, and so forth, this is called that I have passed through one stage of exile. How many stages like these do I need to pass through so that this will be considered 400 years for me? I don’t know. Redemption takes place in haste, suddenly, like the miracle of the Exodus from Egypt.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/26/14, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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