Grab Onto The Creator’s Hand!

Dr. Michael Laitman A question I received: Since the end of the Passover holiday, I feel horrible from the realization of my own evil. How do I deal with this? What should I do?

My Answer: We need to get acquainted with our nature. A person has worked hard during the holidays; he put in effort, aspiring to reveal the Creator in himself, to come out of egoism, and now the darkness of an even greater egoism has been slightly revealed to him. This causes him to feel weakness, fatigue, and a lack of interest for the Upper World…What should one do?

One should rejoice in the fact that a bit more evil has been revealed and that one has an opportunity to “clench his teeth” and turn to the group, the studies, and to the Creator. The opportunity is precisely now, when one has no strength, no desire, is not in the mood, when his eyes are closing, his brain doesn’t work, and all his feelings are foggy. This is wonderful! This is precisely the kind of state that a “Creator’s worker” should experience, since then one can ask for mercy, for strength from Above.

This doesn’t mean crying and pleading to the Creator to have mercy on you. In fact, this will not help. We are situated in a system where everything is precisely measured out, and we are given sensations, thoughts, strengths, and weaknesses, which are necessary for us at any given moment.

Now, I need to gather all of them into one and realize that it’s the hardening of the heart, about which it is written “I have hardened his heart.” The Creator took me by the hand, led me to Pharaoh (which is my heart) and He is showing me how much He hardened it.

Now the choice is mine: Will I be with Moses (the point in the heart) or with Pharaoh (the heart)? If you moan and groan, saying “I am tired, I cannot go on, I am sick of everything…” this means that you are under the control of Pharaoh, you are his slave.

However, if you grab onto the Creator’s hand (since He offered: “Let’s go to Pharaoh!” meaning that the Creator is next to you, and you merely need to recognize Him), then you have the strength to oppose Pharaoh.

Try to grab onto the Creator! Try it, and suddenly you will see how close the Creator is to you. After all, it is written “The Creator is near broken hearts.”

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/7/10, The Zohar

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  1. You’ve hit the ball out the park! Incerdilbe!

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