Managing Correct Separation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is bad about separation if there are clear general rules about cooperation between the separate parts, just as in the human body every body part has its own clear role?

Answer: There is nothing bad about separation except that we need to correct it. Here is the question that arises: What am I correcting it for? It’s necessary that the importance of this activity be determined by the right goal.

This means that I am not doing this so that I will feel good; rather, I rise to another level of decision making. My brain, intellect, and emotion, everything that is me will not belong to me personally but will belong to all. Every time that I rise to a higher level, I pass from an individualistic approach of determining my state, to a collective view, to a point of view that is for the benefit of all, like the head of a group who is concerned for the good of all of its members.

After that, the group is revealed to me with an even greater ego, with even greater mutual rejection than this, as if there is a collective descent, a fall. And so again I must raise myself to an even higher level of head of the group and again connect them together.

All of the work is to be a head that manages and corrects the entire separation; as it is said: “The world was created for me.”
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/25/14

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