No More Theatrical Performances

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At the time of Mordecai and Esther was the highest Zivug, which corresponds to the end of correction. What needs to be done in order to achieve this same state again?

Answer: We must live through all the material actions that have spiritual roots.

There were the all these events:ancient Babylon, Egyptian slavery, wandering in the desert, entering the land of Israel, erecting of the First Temple and its further destruction, Babylonian exile, constructing of the Second Temple, its devastation and exile—all these events took place for a reason. Now, we are approaching the very end.

The Purim events took place during the Babylonian exile. Since the destruction of the First Temple, we lost the Light of Mochin de Haya that was included in our Reshimo. This light was dormant and it was impossible to awaken it. It awakens only as a result of the action called Purim, only under its influence.

Due to the fact that the Jews won the Purim war, they were able to reveal the Upper Root. Now, we have to repeat this action on a worldwide scale. If not for the necessity to correct the entire world, we would build a Temple in the land of Israel out of our desire called Isra-el (Yashar-Kel – directly to the Creator.) We are talking only about spirituality, not materiality. At the time of final correction, the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and speaking levels will be included in one spiritual degree.

Besides the people of Israel, there are nations of the world, and they are unable to directly connect with spirituality. That’s why the people of Israel were exiled and had to spread among them. During the last exile we mixed with the most distanced nations of the world. As to close nations, we mingled with them during prior exiles. The major connection happened between Persians and our people during the Babylonian exile.

Queen Esther is a real historical personage. Her son, Koresh, helped to build the Second Temple. He gave money to the Jews and brought them back to the land of Israel. He also helped to rebuild the entire country and invested a lot into its resurrection.

All these events should be revealed to the world as branches that originate from spiritual roots. Today, we reached the epoch of complete deliverance. That’s why there never will be a new Queen Esther, Ahasuerus, Haman—all these were material characters who participated in a theatrical performance. At this time, only spiritual forces that are yet to be discerned are acting.

These spiritual forces are detached from materiality, that’s why it is incorrect to state that modern Iranians are the same ancient Babylonians that were our enemies at some point. Not at all! We have to take a broader view. Anywhere in the world is the land of Israel, Babylon, Egypt, etc. We must not look at the map but at human nature. Today, we are in the state of the last exile that deals only with spirituality because at this time the world has become global, as one family.

Everything is just about one desire. We should split this overall desire into inanimate, vegetative, animate, and speaking levels. We have to filter these levels so that each time we regard things according to our current step, without connecting it to corporeality. There is no materiality. Everything is determined by the desire.

That’s why Purim, Mordecai, Esther, and Ahasuerus are only about spiritual paths. Spiritual forces are the only thing we should consider in this corporeal world.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/18/14, Writings of Rabash

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