Haman And Esther: The Two Desires To Receive

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the difference between Haman, the desire to receive for himself, and Esther, also the desire to receive?

Answer: Esther is the desire to receive that operates secretly. It hides under the Light of Hassadim and is necessary only for drawing the Light of Hochma. In fact, the Light of Hochma gets into the Light of Hassadim as if ennobled at its expense: I want only to bestow! Like a guest who, in front of the master, does not want to receive anything for himself even though he has huge egoistic desires, but he restricts himself and only wants to please the master—to bestow.

How can he bestow? Then he discovers that he can do so only if he receives from the master. He begins to weigh how much he can receive. And the part that he can receive inside the Light of Hassadim for bestowal in order to please the master is called “Esther.”

Haman is the entire Kli (vessel), huge desires. It will never be fulfilled directly; the first restriction was done on it, and it will go to Esther. In the end, Esther brings her entire hidden desire under the Light of Hassadim that becomes clothed on the Light of Hochma. That is, by changing our intention to receive in order to bestow, we raise the Light of Hassadim.
From the Virtual Lesson 2/24/13

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