“The Crisis In Ukraine Shows Why Strategy Is No Longer A Game Of Chess”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Greg Sattel, authority on digital strategy and innovation, speaker, consultant, and author of the Digital Tonto blog): “Strategy is no longer a game of chess because power no longer depends on nodes, but on networks.

“Consider how this crisis started. Until very recently, Viktor Yanukovych held nearly absolute power in Ukraine. When confronted, he remained defiant, exercising every lever of authority he possessed, including his control over the media, political structures and finally, the use of force.

“His rivals were almost comically ill-equipped. They donned makeshift shields and helmets, burnt tires to obstruct snipers, and communicated via social media. Yet still, they prevailed through a network of unseen linkages that proved to be decisive. …

“A small group of passionate people can influence others that are slightly more reticent, still others take notice and also join in. …

“The 21st century is increasingly driven by semantic linkages, which increases with your number of connections and the strength of your networks. …

“Yet, as it turned out, none of that did him much good. As political scientist Moisés Naím explains in The End of Power, overthrows are becoming the rule, rather than the exception. He writes, ‘Power is easier to get, but harder to use or keep.’

“Governments, religions, militaries — and yes, companies — are having to learn to live with diminished advantages to scale. Superior capital, technology, and market share no longer confer the benefits they once did. In fact, they might even blind us to dangers that lurk under the surface.

“To understand better how power works today, we need to look beyond the nodes and start thinking in terms of networks. … Leaders who fail to recognize the power of semantic networks of unseen connections, and instead rely on traditional notions of power and influence, are fighting a 20th century battle in a 21st century world. They will find their traditional chess pieces a bit useless.”

My Comment: Coups will be performed with ease, and further management is possible only through the consolidation of the masses through their participation in training in good mutual connections, by the method of the wisdom of connection.

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