Cause And Effect Change Places

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we correctly picture the need for the Creator’s presence in the void that was formed between us?

Answer: It is essential that He should control that void. Keep on exploring the empty space and enter it more deeply. If the Creator doesn’t control this void, we will undoubtedly escape any connection with the friends, any form of bestowal.

This is the whole difference between the ten Sefirot of the lower level and the upper level. What used to be the cause on the lower level becomes the means on the upper level. In the previous state we felt connection and unity with the friends, but now we don’t feel that, and so we need the Creator to connect us. On the next upper level, the opposite will happen: Here I need the Creator in order to remain connected so that He will keep the state of the convention for me, and later all the convention and the whole empty state that was created will only be designated for revealing the Creator.

This is a qualitative difference between the levels, when Malchut of the upper becomes Keter of the lower. It is a change of the cause and the effect, which means that the reason that I do it changes. It is like a child who uses his parents when he is young and when he grows, he uses himself in order to help them. Another example is the guest and the host, when the host tries to do everything for me and serves me different refreshments, and if I, the guest, rise to an upper level, I repay the host for all his kindness. The cause and the effect change places.

This is why we feel empty now after the pleasant state we felt during the convention. There we felt the connection with the friends and it was nice and pleasant. Now this feeling is gone and we want to return to the same feeling. But what can help us here when we cannot bring it back and this feeling cools down and disappears. Only the Creator can preserve it, but where is He? We must feel His presence.

Then we begin to understand that it isn’t about drawing the Creator into our state so that He can correct it, but rather about using this state of the revelation of the Creator in order to bring Him contentment. We don’t wait for Him to bring us contentment anymore but rather use this emptiness in order to ask the Creator to reveal Himself so that we will be able to bring Him contentment.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/19/13

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