In The Center Of The Void

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere is a force that operates inside us, in the desire to receive, in the whole creation, in Malchut of Ein Sof (Infinity), and our goal is to discover this force. We suddenly begin to feel that there are certain voids inside us and that we don’t know what to do with them. We cannot fill them by ourselves or control them. This feeling of helplessness and powerlessness repeats time after time and becomes increasingly clearer.

We understand that we have to solve the problem, but we understand more clearly that we cannot do that since it’s beyond our powers. We go through different feelings and states and cannot hold on to them. We can cry out to the friends, try to perform certain actions, but nothing helps.

We feel helpless as if facing fate and the upper force, and so we understand that we need the presence of the upper force, the force that operates the whole universe. It has to start operating and performing what we cannot do, to control all the voids that were created between us and in which we feel that we are drawing away from one another and that our feelings are cooling down.

It seems that the Creator must control this state, since we cannot hold on to it. This demand already focuses us on the Creator. This is how we acquire experience and the awareness that the void, the chilling down, the detachment, the created empty spaces that didn’t exist before the descents, are all meant to create a new space for the Creator.

Later you feel that there is nothing but these voids! All of reality that is revealed to a greater extent is actually an empty space. If the Creator doesn’t feel it, it will disappear, since you have no control. The only control you have is to obligate the Creator to control.

You are in the center of reality, in the black middle point, and reality continues to expand. This void develops to the dimensions of the whole universe, swallows you and you totally disappear in it. The illumination of the empty Malchut that we feel is a very scary feeling. So you simply must have this void filled by the Creator.

Thus you thank the Creator for having awakened you to get closer by evoking the feeling of detachment in you. This is the state we are in after the convention. If we don’t want the convention to end, we have to forcefully keep the Creator, the operating force, in this picture and to try to connect “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator are one” equally like three partners.

We forget about that and think that the main thing is Israel, which means us. But if we don’t worry about all three conditions, we are not called “Israel!” We want something to happen in our unity and that is right, but what is lacking is keeping ourselves forcefully in these three conditions. We don’t feel the Creator that must be between us, like a root that we have to reach. We don’t always remember the Light that Reforms, the Torah that has to bring us to love. Besides we have to clarify what exactly love is and to what extent it is mutual devotion and the devotion of all of us to the Creator.

These are all important issues that we have to process and to clarify. Their clarification is to constantly search where Israel that yearns for the Creator is in the connection among us. What is the Creator that we yearn for? What is the Torah and how does it operate on us? What should we do so that it will operate on us so by its bestowal we will discover the Creator’s image among us and take on His form?

We have to work on that and it will seem more vague, unclear, and crumbling each time. The Creator will let us feel more and more detached each time so we will fill the empty space, the bigger and wider circle, the inner emptiness, with the Creator’s presence.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/19/13

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