What Especially Is Missing Is The Creator!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the meaning of an empty void and how can we obligate the Creator to control it?

Answer: An empty void means that I don’t control it. The control can be mine, as Pharaoh says: “I will rule,” or it can be the Creator’s control. It’s one of the two and there is no third option.

And empty void means that I surrender; I cannot do anything. This is what happened in the convention, where there was a special feeling of unity, of connection, and of power. It was a very pleasant elated feeling, as if spiritual. But suddenly we begin to understand that it wasn’t just a corporeal feeling that was simply nice and pleasant.

It’s true that it was interesting and powerful and that we felt together and everyone stopped feeling himself and enjoyed the feeling of being incorporated in others, but where is spirituality in all that? From the new state we begin to examine things and see that perhaps there was nothing spiritual about it, but that we were just having a good time.

This means that now we feel the previous state as an empty void, a qualitative empty void. We understand that it wasn’t very spiritual since the unity of “Israel, the Torah, and Creator” was lacking in it and especially the Creator. We discover that we must bring the presence of the Creator into that state and to fill with His presence all the empty voids that are revealed.

It’s just like a child who is given more and more complicated, challenging games that force him to think and to understand, to know and to ask questions. He must develop and penetrate things and clarify what is lacking and how to fill it. This is how he advances.

So a fall is not a descent, but a revelation of areas that are meant for the spiritual filling. We have to work in order to fill them. First we have to see that we cannot control the feeling in these places of regression. But before that we have to make every possible effort, in order to find out that we are helpless. If the connection is still important to us, we will feel that we need the Creator’s help.

There are several levels here. Do we yearn for the same connection we had before or are we grateful that we don’t feel it now since we need the revelation of the Creator now?

But what does the “revelation of the Creator” mean to us? Do we perceive it as the force of bestowal that obligates us to be more devoted to everyone else, since by this devotion we bring the host greater pleasure? This is already the process of clarification. We are in a good state and we have to understand the process. The main thing is to be just as grateful for the bad as for the good.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/19/13

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