Difficult Work Based On A Simple Principle

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Everyone is asking what specifically do we need to do in order for the Creator to correct us? There is a desire to hear a simple and clear answer!

Answer: Everyone wants to hear a simple answer: “Tell us exactly what to do without these complexities!” People want to work like a robot on an assembly line, to keep pushing on one button, and not to think about anything. It won’t work this way!

You will have to exert effort yourself and “do everything that is in your power to do.” It’s because our spiritual vessel (Kli) is extraordinarily complex and includes in itself 613 (Taryag) desires, 10 Sefirot, 3 lines, 22 letters, numerous characteristic properties, and very different components.

For this reason one simple action is not enough here; it is necessary to study (in a physical group or virtually, through the Internet or television), participate in the gatherings of friends, and come to the conventions. I exist among the fragments of the broken soul and have to restore the connections with them in order to correct the breaking.

In order to feel the spiritual world and the Creator, I need to connect with the rest of the souls, and only in our connection will I feel spirituality. It does not exist anywhere else but in the network that connects us. Only when I reconstruct the collective body of the soul and when it starts working properly, then inside it, I will feel the Light, filling it and flowing from one place to another.

Difficult Work Based On A Simple Principle

I will feel that there is the flow of life and special events in this body, the exchange of energy from one to another. This is what is called spiritual life!

In reality, the task is very simple. There is me, an egoist, with my point in the heart and I have to connect it with others, with the same points as mine. But from this simple principle, thousands of necessary actions arise: collective study, preparation for and participation in conventions, work in the kitchen, and so on. All of this together is called “work in the group.”

But why do I need all this work? I need it in order to reveal the connection and love among us. Based on this simple principle, you will be able to derive everything else, more or less, connected to the goal. But the spiritual life is only in the connection between the souls.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/24/10, “The Freedom”

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