Striving For The Ideal Connection

laitman_943Question: In my spiritual work, I am unable to connect the Creator and the group. What should I do?

Answer: Who gave me this group? Who brought me to it, organized everything? Who directs all the people who are sitting in front of me?

In the group of ten, there are nine people besides me, and they are all ready to unite with me. Who is directing them all, who selects them, prepares, and pushes them towards connection with each other? What force does all that if not the Creator? There is no other force. I only need to reveal how He does this, how He guides everyone by the strings, like a puppet-master, and in what manner He gathers us together.

And where am I? Who among us has freedom of will, where is it manifested and in which precise inner motion?

Then I begin to think, to look at the others, and realize that the Creator did everything, and He gave us the opportunity to increase the desire for mutual connection in order to reveal Him, so that from the hidden puppet-master He would turn into an evident one, the one who will fill all the empty spaces between us. Suddenly, with all our strengths, properties, and intentions, with our desires and thoughts, we start to complete each other in a way that arranges a perfect system where everyone fits each other ideally.

Therefore, apart from the possibility for connecting perfectly, for aspiring for unity, everything else is done by the Creator. We only need to show movement toward the ideal connection. And this, too, will be done by Him, but we need to try to remain in aspiration for it.

We do not know, do not understand, and do not feel. We only want for it to happen, with His help.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg “Day One” 9/19/14, Lesson 2

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