In The Connection Between Us

laitman_942My objective at the St. Petersburg Convention was to ensure that each of us was able to admit to themselves that spirituality is attained in the connection between us, and not in any other place.

If a person wants to attain the spiritual world, he must be thinking of immersing deep inside the network that connects him with the other friends and with all of humanity. Only through this network can we be aimed at the Creator in intentions and actions.

This is why I sought for this to enter your mind and feeling so that you could sense that it is possible and that our unity, to some extent, is already appearing among us.

We are working with desires. They are very similar, very close to one another. Remove yourselves from the external characteristics and personality traits of the friends because when you begin working with a person internally these things hold no meaning.

What can we do so that with any thought about spirituality, each of us will think through the group and not from themselves personally? How can we accustom ourselves to do that? This is our biggest problem.

However, at this convention we already began to realize that spirituality is attained through general interconnection. We, ourselves, create and build the spiritual world. There are no higher worlds. There is one potential force, which is called Atzmuto, the unattainable essence of the Creator. As soon as we create the correct substrate between us, this force instantly will manifest with all of its elements.

Therefore, the most important thing for us is to realize that spirituality exists within, in the connection between us, and from there the Creator is already within reach.
From the Convention in St. Petersburg “Day Three” 9/21/14, Lesson 5

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