You Won’t Be Able To Hide

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Recently, anti-Semitism has grown in the entire world, but the impression is that there is a more serious problem with Jews who are against the Jews and against Israel, not just anti-Semites who are opposed to the Jews.

Answer: The Jews have no other problem but to recognize their mission and their role in the world, which they must realize in our days as the wisdom of Kabbalah says. In general, the entire crisis in the world is a problem where the Jewish people do not perform their duty to bring Light to the nations of the world by uniting with each other.

In essence, the inner problem of Israel is turning into a common problem of the entire world.

I have met many famous people who are obvious anti-Semites, and we even came to a certain understanding. After all, we seemingly have a common direction, although they did not understand the depth of the problem, but they subconsciously recognized that the Jews have a special, higher, universal, cosmic force. The problem is that this force is negative, not positive.

Currently, this force is revealed as negative, but you can reverse it and turn it into positive. So, I tell anti-Semites that I recognize the validity of their claims to the Jews and Israel. They are amazed that I agree with them, but I explain to them how the entire system is built and what really needs to be done.

It is rather easy to explain this to anti-Semites and come to an understanding, but it is more difficult to bring this to the Jews themselves. It is known that our people are called “stiff-necked,” in other words, very stubborn and do not want to hear anything. The Jews want to be the same as the other nations of the world, to be like everyone else. They want to hide among other nations, but they cannot do this and will never succeed in doing this!

Indeed, according to the general process that humanity and all of creation is going through, the Jews must unite with each other and set an example to the entire world as “a Light to the nations of the world.” Then, through us, the Light, the positive force, will begin to flow to all the nations of the world who will feel that the Jews who used to be the source of negative energy now have become the source of positive energy.

When I explain this to the people of the world, they agree with me, but when I say this to Jews, they refuse to listen because it makes them responsible. It is easier for the nations of the world. It does not oblige them. In fact, they are willing to invest their strength in that: to work and support. It is not for nothing that it is written in the prophets that the nations of the world will take the children of Israel on their shoulders and bring them to Jerusalem.

They are ready to help us, but, for the time being, they are helping in a negative way, pushing us through wars and anti-Semitic demonstrations. In this form, they will force us to think about our fate, our destiny, and our mission.

In the future, these forces will be manifested more strongly. Just as once Nazi Germany established special laws for the Jews, it will be so all over the world. Indeed, the prophets write that, if the people of Israel do not return to the state of being one man with one heart in time, then all the nations of the world will rise up against Israel and bring a war with them from the sea, from the land, and from the air.

So, we should not wait for anything good. No help will come because everyone, down to the smallest country, will be against Israel. If we unite, we will win by the force of our unity. Once we begin to unite, the force of unity will flow through us to the nations of the world, and they will stop fighting.

It turns out that the nations of the world must put pressure on Israel until the last moment, almost destroying it, and if, at that moment, the Jews become united, then all the nations will be recharged from us, get fulfillment, and immediately will cease fighting.
From KabTV’s “Anti-Semitism” 7/21/14

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