What Is Happening To Us?

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday, people need to know what is happening to them, for whatever reason it happens, and how they can change the situation.

We see from day to day the hastening of the events that bring us closer to new states more quickly. We can only detect this sequence in which a punishing imperative is seemingly inherent.

Throughout the world, we are witnessing growing anti-Semitism, outbreaks of hatred towards Jews, antagonism against the State of Israel, and all kinds of demonstrations. Various media are trying to distort the facts, creating news and daily analysis in an anti-Israel light.

We see that the whole world as if discovers in this a common force, one spirit that permeates the atmosphere with hatred towards the Jews and Israel.

When the human being recognizes this general trend that is sweeping the world in a manner of weeks, one naturally asks oneself: How is this possible that there is such a powerful reaction to this small war, in comparison with the hundreds of thousands who are being killed in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Africa, Afghanistan, etc.?

Here indeed lies the ultimate destiny, and only the secret wisdom, the science of Kabbalah is able to explain what is happening to us and how to act correctly in this situation.

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