A Ring Of Unity Is Closing In On Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is anti-Semitism increasing throughout the world and how does this hatred towards the Jewish people connect with the eternal connection that exists within it?

Answer: This eternal connection among the Jewish people was created at the time of the exodus from Egypt when the people of Israel were hated and enslaved. The pressure and the blows helped to consolidate us, to agree to be as one person with one heart, and to reach the source of unification, the required power and intensity.

In this manner we began to feel the higher power, the central force that manages nature. It is possible to call this force the “Creator,” meaning nature. The name is unimportant; the main thing is that this power was revealed to us. We were already in this state, but afterwards, as a result of various events, we lost this power that united us and from this unity we descended to a state called “exile.”

We have already been in this exile for two thousand years. But now, according to a process through which all of nature is passing, we have reached a kind of limit when the people of Israel must return again to unity and bring all of creation to it. All of humanity must live in total unity and not just the people of Israel.

Therefore, nature is awakening the people of Israel and the whole world to this. It is impossible to believe, but people who have never seen a Jew in their life, somewhere in distant Oceania or South America, nevertheless, feel themselves belonging to that process. Everyone blames Israel.

Question: But this hatred is the opposite, against unity.

Answer: The hatred is derived from there being no unity among the people of Israel. This is the reason that all of the nations of the world feel bad. All of nature, the entire earth, must attain balance.

The world of the still, vegetative, and animate are in balance and harmony, in that, they support each other mutually. And only the human, because of his ego, departs from this balance and doesn’t want to be connected with all of nature. The human doesn’t even feel that he belongs to nature and is a part of it. The ego obliges him to think as if he exists on his own.

In the past, the people of Israel attained this power of unity that exists in nature and used it. We were connected among us, with all of the nature of the still, vegetative, and animate, and likewise with the higher power that manages all of creation. This higher force is called “nature,” “Creator.”

Today we live in a world in which the higher power is again approaching us, this force of the universe is beginning to influence the planet, all of human society, as if a ring of unity is closing in on us. From this we feel ourselves dependent upon each other.

This is a cyclic process as usually happens in nature: sometimes this connection is revealed more and sometimes it is weakened. And as of today we are at the peak of the revelation of this power of unity. It is approaching us again, just like there are periods of maximal solar activity or some processes within the earth.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/12/14

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