The Time Of The Babylonian Correction

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How should we relate to our current state?

Answer: Today, having “departed” from Babylon 3,500 years ago, we again feel that we are back in the same place, in ancient Babylon. That’s why our time is the time of the Babylonian correction; we tried to escape from Babylon, but did not succeed because Babylon (i.e., our egoistic society) has to be corrected!

So, we must look at history as a whole, and it is irrelevant that it has been 3,500 years since Abraham attempted to create a unified society. These events reflect on the destiny of humanity. These events are being transformed, conveyed, and concentrated in one aspiration: attaining unity. So far, we continue revealing our oppositeness to it.

We have to be connected with the Creator in our studies and activities. The Creator, the force of the Light, the property of bestowal, that corrects us and without whom we are unable to cope with the task, has to be implied in everything we do.

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