Closing The Circle

Closing the CircleWhat did we attain at the European Convention? First of all, we created between us a certain mutual understanding.

We assembled together as one European group. It isn’t important that the languages and in part also the mentality separate between us. It’s Babylon as it was 3800 years ago, when it disintegrated into separate parts. Today, we are that same Babylon and come together again, but it’s not to continue the Babylonian suffering. Rather, it’s in order to unite according to the method revealed to the world back then.

It’s as if we are closing the circle, returning to the same state. It isn’t important that instead of three million Babylonians today we have seven billion. It’s simply a further division of the general soul so that for each one of us it will be easier to correct his small particle. But essentially, we represent the part of Babylon that is ready for this correction. Our entire world Kli (vessel or desire) is specifically the “cream” that rises to the top and needs to be gathered and united, and then the correction of the whole world will take place.

I think we attained here such mutual understanding, and now we have some serious work to do: to realize our mission.

You will see how each of you will come to be in great demand, how each of you can become a teacher, an educator. People will clutch at you like at straws since they don’t understand the situation they are in and in particular, the method of correction that they will suddenly discover: “How can we unite? How do we sit in a circle? What should we talk about? How do we interact between ourselves? How do we discover the contact between us?”

Here we refer to fine details we feel from within because we live them, while to explain it to someone in a scientific or systematic way is difficult and very complex. Everyone understands that if a person feels something inside, that’s one thing, but when he begins to pass it on to someone else and the other person, who doesn’t understand or feel the material, repeats it only in a mechanical way, then that’s something else completely.

Thus, each one of you will be very much in demand. Begin to be involved in integral and virtual education and you will see how people will be drawn to you. Each one of you will be worth your weight in gold.

The Creator will turn to us only when we have a passageway to the external world, and not otherwise. This is written about in every Kabbalah book. This is how nature is created: by an open, complete dissemination system. And if through us there will be an open channel to the external world, then through it, the upper Light will pass and shine upon the world. It won’t stop in any place, only circulate and become revealed. If we don’t hinder but allow for an open channel, the Light will flow through us.
From the European Convention in Germany 3/24/13, Lesson 6

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