Process Of Self-Scrutiny

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Leviticus” (Tazria),“13:12-13:14: And if the leprosy has spread over the skin, whereby the leprosy covers all the skin of the [person with the] lesion, from his head to his feet, wherever the eyes of the Cohen can see it, then the Cohen shall look [at it]. And, behold! the leprosy has covered all his flesh, he shall pronounce [the person with] the lesion clean. He has turned completely white; he is clean. But on the day that live flesh appears in it, he shall become unclean.”

“…leprosy has spread over the kin, whereby the leprosy covers all the skin…” signifies that there is an ongoing process of self-scrutiny when a person who has already attained the level of Cohen feels as if he is sick with leprosy. If it applies to one’s current layer of egoism, it can be corrected by isolating one from the others.

If “live flesh appears,” i.e., when the next degree of egoism shows up, then an internal problem appears and involves the deeper, inner layers of egoism. At this point, the problem becomes incurable.

It’s interesting that on one hand, a person attains the level of Cohen, but on the other hand, he manages to detect these conditions only because of the high level he has achieved.

Question: How can one attain the level of Cohen if one deals with these kind of problems?

Answer: The thing is that these issues are not apparent. The ego unveils itself gradually. Particularly, at the Cohen level, one starts sensing “leprosy.” Previously, when these conditions were hidden, one seemed clean.

The Torah describes Moses who hid his hands and when he pulled them out they were covered with leprosy.

“Hands” denote receiving desires. The more we advance, the bigger the desires that are revealed to us. Inside, we are filled with “worms” although on the outside it doesn’t show and nobody can see it. Externally, everything looks good.

Thus, when we continue ascending to the levels of Israel, Levites, and Cohen, we start noticing changes that our ego undergoes.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/20/14

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