Anti-Semitism As A Demand For Attention And Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe force of unity is a force of nature that passes through a certain process of changes. Today, this force affects the Earth and compels us all to unite. The whole system should become integrated, connected through all its parts. Also, it has to become global, spreading throughout the world.

We must achieve this state. But of all the world’s population, only the people of Israel have ever lived in this state of unity and reached balance with the still, vegetative, and  animate levels of nature, and with the general upper force. The rest of humanity has not had this experience.

It happened two thousand years ago when the nation of Israel, living in the land of Israel, built the First and Second Temples. We were called the people of Israel because of our orientation straight to the Creator, Isra-el, Yashar-Kel, directly towards unity, harmony, and brotherly love for one another.

Today the whole world is suffering from the external pressure of the upper force that is getting closer to us. Israel does not want this approach, to be in a state of spiritual destruction, expulsion from this upper force, from the connection with each other.

Therefore, the rest of humanity feels that Israel is not fulfilling its obligations: Israel does not pass this upper force to the other nations, the method of unity, is not a Light for others, it does not teach them how to live in connection and unity. We do not realize our mission is to become “a kingdom of priests, a holy nation,” teachers for all of humanity.

Subconsciously, the whole world is awaiting this from us. The world hates the Jews because they do not bring good to them and thus cause suffering. All the nations accuse Israel of being the source of all ills. In this way, they want to say that Israel has the opportunity to become a source of good for the world but does not do it.

Anti-Semitism is the evidence that all the nations feel dependent on Israel. Imagine what a serious condition this is. As if you fell into complete dependence on the neighbor who has gathered a complete report about you and has the opportunity to tell your relatives and friends about all your secrets, all the crimes that you have committed in your life.

He keeps this report at his place and gradually reveals the facts from it, bringing you terrible suffering here and there. And he does it deliberately, as a clever and cunning criminal, leaving you alone neither day nor night, and tormenting you day after day.

How would you feel in this situation? Can this be called life? Your life would be worse than death! It would have turned into one continuous suffering, renewed every moment when you do not know what to expect. That’s what the nations of the world feel, and day after day this feeling is increasing.

Question: What exactly causes the world to feel this way about Israel?

Answer: The reason is that the people of Israel are not united. We have to become united, and then the unified upper force will flow through us and will affect the world, bringing it in order.

We bring harm to the world by our disconnection from each other since the upper force of good cannot flow to the world because of us. We do not teach the world how to be in good connections with each other. The whole world has to be organized in a global system: people have to connect with each other with good ties and become like one body, one man with one heart.

The people of Israel must set this example, show its unity to everyone, and help others to unite in the same way.
From KabTV’s “A New Life,” 8/12/14

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