Tastes Of The Torah

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: You once compared a book about the attributes of the Light to a book of recipes for the healthy tasty food.

Answer: Yes, indeed it is so, since it is about the tastes of the Torah. But in order to taste it, one has to feel it.

I drool when I look at what a cook prepares! In the Torah, however, I read about a lamb being slaughtered, skinned, and cut etc. so what of it?! I have no feeling that matches the description of these spiritual actions.

While reading, I have to taste and feel the matching desires and attributes; how they operate in me, what I reject, and what I am attracted to. I have to feel them because these are the same desires and intentions that I live with and are the most important for me at any given moment. This is either getting closer to the real upper source on which everything depends or drawing away from it.

This means that here I work with more prominent attributes, but they are described in the Torah in words and definitions that are dead and far from the lexicon that describes feelings. There is nothing we can do since the language of the Torah operates accurately according to the connection between the roots and their branches.

What will I taste if I take the cedars of Lebanon, birch, or a scarlet coil of rope? These things are tasteless and I don’t understand what they refer to.

Only when a person discovers these feelings inside him and when they storm in him while reading the Torah will the concealed become revealed.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/25/14

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