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Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, Exodus, “Tetzaveh,” 29:43-29:46: There I will arrange meetings with the children of Israel, and it will be sanctified by My glory. I will sanctify the Tent of Meeting and the altar, and I will sanctify Aaron and his sons to serve Me [as Kohanim]. I will dwell in the midst of the children of Israel and I will be their God. They will know that I, the Lord, am their God, Who brought them out of the land of Egypt in order that I may dwell in their midst; I am the Lord, their God. In the presence of the Upper force (the Creator), the Light dresses in a corrected Kli, vessel, then modified desires “saturate” the entire universe with the higher Light of spirituality.

Question: In general, everything that is written in the Torah can be understood as follows: “Act as written, and the Lord will appear in you as an imprint.” Is that right?

Answer: If you regard what’s written in the Torah literally, you’ll see extremely harsh and bloody pictures. It’s really hard to understand how everybody can consider these images sacred and worship them if all they describe is a very primitive life of “savages” who lived several thousand years ago.

Even today we see people killing each other and regarding murders as some sort of “sacrifice.” This is a huge dissonance with the greatness of bestowal and love! These images are simply not sublime or spiritual!

I am not astonished by the content of the Torah (after all, people who wrote it understood what it was about). Rather, I am amazed people today continue perceiving these pictures as “sanctity” or “special deeds” that the Creator commands us to follow.

How can something written in the Torah not encourage us to at least clarify the essence of the words of the Torah? It contradicts our intellect, life…everything! And yet, people live “happily” and consider it a Holy Scriptures.

How is it sacred? If we realize that it’s about bestowal, love, the connection among us, and correction of our egoism, then it is sanctity. If we perceive everything literally, let’s say, burning a bull, then what is sacred about it?!

It is in total dissonance with what is happening in materiality and spirituality, and thus has to raise multiple questions. And yet, we don’t ask these questions. It looks as if humanity is in a state of deep hypnosis.

Even today all world religions preserve certain ancient pagan rituals to which people attribute higher properties. Because of their ignorance and lack of understanding, they are like small children playing games laid before them, and their collective participation and collective ignorance support each other.

For those who wrote the Torah, these “scenarios” were just symbols, a specific language that described the process of human correction. People had a clear vision of what it described. That’s why we should always keep in mind that “loving our neighbors” is the general essence of the Torah. It’s the main thought that permeates it.

There are no other actions whatsoever! If we burn a bull or build a Temple nothing will change! All we can expect is appearance of new religions that will feud with each other and use “sacred” slogans to kill one another, thus acting directly opposite to the Torah that teaches us to “love our neighbors.”

I feel sorry for humanity when I read the Torah portions. People are unable to correctly understand and accept them. I hope that in the nearest future this situation will change and people will understand that only spiritual actions that lead to self-correction are the content of the Torah.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/28/13

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