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God Does Not Roll Dice

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Alan Lightman, American physicist, professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and author of the international bestseller Einstein’s Dreams):  “If the amount of dark energy in our universe were only a little bit different than what it actually is, then life could never have emerged. A little larger, and the universe would have accelerated so rapidly that matter in the young universe could never have pulled itself together to form stars and hence complex atoms made in stars. And, going into negative values of dark energy, a little smaller and the universe would have decelerated so rapidly that it would have recollapsed before there was time to form even the simplest atoms.

“Out of all the possible amounts of dark energy that our universe might have, the actual amount lies in the tiny sliver of the range that allows life. There is little argument on this point. It does not depend on assumptions about whether we need liquid water for life or oxygen or particular biochemistries. It depends only on the requirement of atoms. As before, one is compelled to ask the question: Why does such fine-tuning occur? And the answer many physicists now believe: the multiverse. A vast number of universes may exist, with many different values of the amount of dark energy. Our particular universe is one of the universes with a small value, permitting the emergence of life. We are here, so our universe must be such a universe. We are an accident. From the cosmic lottery hat containing zillions of universes, we happened to draw a universe that allowed life. But then again, if we had not drawn such a ticket, we would not be here to ponder the odds.”

My Comment: Why does one need to invent many universes, randomness, etc. if every day we become more convinced that “God does not roll dice,” and everything is logical and interconnected.

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Experience All Of The States

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You say that each one has his place in a lesson, even if someone sleeps, it is wonderful.

Answer: I am not saying that it is wonderful, but if a person sleeps, it is a sign that this is his state.

During those 12 years when I was next to my teacher, I had a period of a month and a half when I slept. I was very ashamed to admit this; I tried to create the impression that I was not sleeping. I was in all kinds of intentions, but basically I was sleeping. Sometimes Rabash would push me with his foot: “Well, what?” and I would wake up.

Sometimes it is necessary to go through states like these in order to understand the others better, to be integrated with them. Even for a moment it is necessary to know how to move towards other people. And therefore there are no threatening, terrible states that a Kabbalist would not go through. You must pass through all of the states, still, vegetative, animate, and human, all of the desires, all of the thoughts, that exist in creation.
From the World Zohar Week “Integral Education Convention”Day Three 2/4/14,Workshop 5

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A Bit Of The Devil In Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We are playing with love. But is this a game?

Answer: We actually don’t want to play but to truly feel a feeling like this.

Love is a feeling of mutual integration where I take your desires and agree to fulfill them and you take mine and agree to fulfill them.

We need to understand that our soul is in the others, and therefore this love is essentially egoistic in regard to your true self but not in regard to who you now seem as you.

Question: Suppose that I am ready to nullify myself in regard to the others, but that “imp” that sits inside me follows along with everything and I cannot do anything with it.

Answer: It is very good that you feel this.

Question: But it is some kind of opposition and I need to extinguish the imp.

Answer: In no way, no! We must live with this opposition! We need to love it!

If dark and light were not simultaneous, then we would not attain anything. The Kli is opposite the Light and we need to integrate them with the help of the Masach. It is a terrible inverse, contrast, not like in our world, but between complete hatred and complete love. We cannot even imagine what terrible oppositions we ascend on the cone to the world of Infinity.

And this small imp will grow into a gigantic King Kong, but in essence it is completely equal to the Creator, only it is His backside.

And we must be between both of them because you don’t belong to the characteristics of the Creator; you are not the Creator, and you don’t want to belong to the object that is His opposite, the ego. In that you build yourself between them, you are found simultaneously with two characteristics and rise to such a level that you transform, become seemingly higher than the Creator since you attain Him within the darkness.

Question: Suppose there are completely neutral people in the group, and I don’t react to them at all. And there are those who provoke an intense reaction within me; I simply boil. In which case is this good?

Answer: None of us is like each other. Everyone has different thoughts and feelings. Therefore it is necessary to tolerate everyone. If a person is not against the group, if he agrees to our general rules, tries to follow them, but goes the opposite way all the time, then it is necessary to treat him well. This is because he is not intentionally trying to damage the group. It is not from a bad intention, and we must tolerate him.
From the World Zohar Week “Integral Education Convention” Day Three 2/4/14, Workshop 5

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An Indirect Maneuver

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we accelerate the development of the desire? We are told that we should unite and we even understand it but we still don’t want to.

Answer: The desire is developed by the Light that Reforms. If we wait for it, it will be in its time. If you want it to happen sooner, you should draw the Light unto the desire.

Question: But what if a person hears the message but doesn’t have the inner urge to fulfill it yet? What can he do?

Answer: He should still incorporate into the society and then the desire will come. The society will affect him by the Light and he will want to act.

Problems in the corporeal world are also solved in a similar manner, depending on which society the person is in. One way or another, the environment draws the Light, whether it is in a good direction or not. A person doesn’t wake up by himself and doesn’t lift a finger without the Light. So the question is which environment, which society, is he in, which means what kind of Light shines on him.

If we want to advance by the path of I shall hasten it and not by the path of in its time, we have no choice but to spur on and to summon the Light, then the desire will change and we will finally want to unite.

This is our mission and we should not grieve, brag, or hope for a miracle; we need to yearn and be drawn to the Light, nothing else.

If a person intends to overcome all the obstacles by his own powers, it is worse than stupidity. A person has to overcome himself in order to draw the Light, but not directly: I work in a group, in the right environment, carrying out different ancillary actions, and by this indirect maneuver, I feel the desire and with it I am drawn to the Light once again, and then it comes to me again.

It’s necessary to perform these cycles several times; after all, we cannot do anything by ourselves.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/23/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Turn In The Direction Of The Good

Dr. Michael LaitmanEvery person must discover 613 desires in himself and correct them. Only to this is it worthwhile to aspire in dissemination in public life, in everything. Everything that is aimed at this goal, you need to accept. And everything that is against it, you need to cancel. In this there can be no compromise; only the higher law, the adherence of the Kli and the Light, should determine what it is up to us to do.

We hope that we will discover all 613 parts of our desire to receive, and through connection in a group we will succeed in clarifying them, we will see their egoism and begin to work on their correction for bestowal. And this is possible to do only through the Light that Reforms, which is called the Torah.

Therefore all of our existence is possible only thanks to the Torah and the Mitzvot, meaning we must discover the 613 desires of unfounded hatred and correct them to bestowal and love, which is called keeping the Mitzvot. A Mitzva symbolizes that through the Upper Light that is called Torah, we cleave to the Creator and with this we give Him contentment.

This is because today in relation to Him we are like ungrateful children. Imagine to yourselves that your children don’t want to know you, they despise and hate you, are against you in everything, they don’t even want to look in your direction. That is how we behave today in relation to the Creator. And even this is not a sufficient example, because we don’t love our children like the Creator loves us.

Therefore we give the Creator great contentment when we begin to approach Him, to love, to discover our good relationship, opening our heart and soul before Him. All this brings Him great joy. Try to describe and to feel this condition: What terrible sufferings we invite from Above through our behavior today! The Creator is waiting for us to turn our faces towards Him and begin to get close, to recognize Him and agree to accept all of that good that He wants to give to us. And it could be that ultimately we will understand that this is truly the eternal good.
From the Talk at a Meal 2/21/14

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Euromaidan: America Vs. Europe – To Wreak Havoc In The State

The Ukraine today is a link, a bridge between Europe and Russia. But the US does not like the unification between Europe and Russia, and it does everything so that it does not happen …

Excerpts from Open TV journalist Anton Baranov ‘s interview with Dr. Michael Laitman, head of the International Kabbalah Academy:

The Ukrainian process will not stop, and it is very similar to the “Arab Spring.” We are talking about a managed, prearranged process that fits into the overall trend of human egoistic development.


In general, there are two forces: one is aimed at unification, and another at division. The first force includes the attempts to create a common zone of Europe, Russia, and China as well as Japan. But in some ways it is contrary to the wishes and aspirations of the US government. It is against that. In the worst-case scenario, this confrontation could lead to global wars.


The current trends will yield nothing good. In any country is doesn’t lead to any good. Ordinary citizens are slaves. And the force that controls them leads them, first of all, to chaos. The same thing was arranged in the Middle East.


Nothing happens by itself. The US acts against Europe. After all, Europe has united to oppose the US, though not to full independence, but to a certain self-determination.


Today, there is a need for the unification of Europe through the Ukraine with Russia. Thus, the Ukraine has become a hot spot; there will be no unification without it. Composed of two parts, the pro-Western and pro-Russian, it may become the “bridge.”


– The Americans are very afraid of this. Because then a unified geopolitical space will emerge; it also includes the Arab countries, and the US will lose the whole world. Therefore, it is most important not to let the Ukraine become a link between Europe and Russia.


If the forces that govern the process have raised the people, the Ukraine will aim at separation. It is no coincidence that today large historical contradictions, which have not been corrected and lay dormant inside until the “abscess” did not burst, are exposed …


As a result, we must realize that egoism is our main enemy. Because of if, we cannot come to any agreements; we cannot get rid of crises. Egoism is our nature, and it “destroys” us.


Today, the world does not find connection points, though seemingly it has learned from the bitter experience of the wars of the last century. The “Golden Age” is over, and there is no solution. Everyone knows that one has to be integral, like nature, that salvation is only in unity, in addressing problems together, but in fact even Europe is incapable of this, despite the fact that it seemingly created a common space.


We must rise above our egoistic nature, and in fact we have the appropriate tools. Only then we will we be able to solve global, integral problems in the proper, integral manner, in mutual connection. Anyway, our future is in this.


Well, today our opposition to the unified force of nature is manifested in the decline of the family, in various conflicts. The problem is that we let our egoism rule us.


And therein lies the historical necessity – we have to recognize the evil of egoism. Only then will we come to the conclusion that we have to change ourselves, that the problem is in the human being, in each of us, in all seven billion, and not in anything else.

Therefore, only rising above the challenges of our common trouble, a declaration of war against egoism as the worst enemy, will allow us to unite and create a completely new world.


The correct method of finding the future shape of the state, of the people, of the world, is a mutual discussion, without old grievances and complaints, without returning to the past. Any militants will be powerless against this general ascent to an understanding. Indeed, real unity gives us the strength that lies above the level of usual egoism.

This is the way we operated in Israel in 2011, when the Americans tried to initiate a similar process here, involving the masses.

The good anti-egoistic army that frees people resorts not to arms, but to roundtables at which all the parties without exception sit and solve problems according to the anti-egoistic method.


We are totally interconnected in a single world. No matter how many times we “play” in political strategies and other games, our connection only grows, showing greater interdependence of people, nations, countries, as well as our dependence on the environment.

In fact, we are in a closed sphere, which affects us all around through the principle of unity. However, our egoism is opposed to this; on the contrary, it divides us, literally tears us apart. Thus, today the antagonism between nature and our nature is manifested.

That is why nature leads us to integration by harsh methods. The whole history of the 20th century proves this.

Today, whether we like it or not, it is already impossible to play protectionism. A good connection is not a nice slogan, but an urgent necessity, stemming from all the studies, the facts. The world is integral; we are not. So, we need to change.

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A Brief Moment Between Past And Future

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom Rabash, Article “The Concept of the Yenika and Ibur”: This is called Ibur (impregnation) that he nullifies himself completely. But even though his heart tells him that only now does he agree with the nullification phase, afterwards he has regrets; about this we say, “Don’t be concerned about tomorrow!” And tomorrow is not exactly the day after today, rather today and tomorrow can be in the present.

What is important is what happens at each and every moment. And what will happen later is unknown to us. But our decision now will determine what will happen. Even though this is not certain because nobody knows the formula of how events will develop in the axis of time.

Therefore at each and every moment a person must only be concerned about the present moment because correction is not made in the past or the future, but only in the present. The main thing for correction is to adhere to the present moment.

And this is as the sages said: “Everyone who has something he can eat today but says, ‘what will I eat tomorrow?’ Well, this is a lack of faith” (Midrash Tanchuma, BeShlach 20).
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/14/14, Writings of Rabash

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A Corrected Desire For Control

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should I do if I want to control the friends and I see the same desire in others? How do I channel this desire for the benefit of the goal and the group?

Answer: If you want to be like a father and mother towards the friends, then you are concerned about them all the time like children. Please, take control of them as you would with little ones, but only on condition that you act solely for the benefit of the little ones, that their desires, needs, and shortcomings are what determine your thoughts, deeds, and desires.

They are your head, and you are doing what they want. This is called being Aba ve Ima. Please, take control!
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 02.14.14, Writings of Rabash

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