A Bit Of The Devil In Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We are playing with love. But is this a game?

Answer: We actually don’t want to play but to truly feel a feeling like this.

Love is a feeling of mutual integration where I take your desires and agree to fulfill them and you take mine and agree to fulfill them.

We need to understand that our soul is in the others, and therefore this love is essentially egoistic in regard to your true self but not in regard to who you now seem as you.

Question: Suppose that I am ready to nullify myself in regard to the others, but that “imp” that sits inside me follows along with everything and I cannot do anything with it.

Answer: It is very good that you feel this.

Question: But it is some kind of opposition and I need to extinguish the imp.

Answer: In no way, no! We must live with this opposition! We need to love it!

If dark and light were not simultaneous, then we would not attain anything. The Kli is opposite the Light and we need to integrate them with the help of the Masach. It is a terrible inverse, contrast, not like in our world, but between complete hatred and complete love. We cannot even imagine what terrible oppositions we ascend on the cone to the world of Infinity.

And this small imp will grow into a gigantic King Kong, but in essence it is completely equal to the Creator, only it is His backside.

And we must be between both of them because you don’t belong to the characteristics of the Creator; you are not the Creator, and you don’t want to belong to the object that is His opposite, the ego. In that you build yourself between them, you are found simultaneously with two characteristics and rise to such a level that you transform, become seemingly higher than the Creator since you attain Him within the darkness.

Question: Suppose there are completely neutral people in the group, and I don’t react to them at all. And there are those who provoke an intense reaction within me; I simply boil. In which case is this good?

Answer: None of us is like each other. Everyone has different thoughts and feelings. Therefore it is necessary to tolerate everyone. If a person is not against the group, if he agrees to our general rules, tries to follow them, but goes the opposite way all the time, then it is necessary to treat him well. This is because he is not intentionally trying to damage the group. It is not from a bad intention, and we must tolerate him.
From the World Zohar Week “Integral Education Convention” Day Three 2/4/14, Workshop 5

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