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World Zohar Convention, “Arava Convention,” Day One – 02.01.14

Arava Convention Day One, Workshop 3

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Arava Convention Day One, Workshop 4

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In Partnership With Me

Dr. Michael Laitman“Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” Article, “You Are in Partnership with Me,” Item 64: When that word of wisdom that was innovated in this world rises, it connects to those words of Atik Yomin, ascends and descends with them, and enters eighteen concealed worlds, which “Neither has the eye seen a God besides You.” They come out of there and wander, and they come full and whole, and assemble before Atik.

The Zohar explains how we can reach partnership with the Creator to us. To the degree that we take control of our egoistic desire to receive, we are found in partnership with the Creator to this degree. The Creator dominates all of reality and all of reality was created from a desire to receive. Therefore, we also ask the Creator to give us control over our desire to receive. And in this way we reach equivalence of form with the Creator.

Our desire to receive is that field within which we work together: both the Creator and us. We act within this field, and within it, we meet the Creator, and there we become His partners. After all, we ask for a force from the Creator that will make it possible to manage and control our desire to receive just as He controls us. The Creator created all of the worlds, and we want to create them; He shattered the worlds, and we correct them.

We become partners of the Creator to the degree that we are in control when encountering the ego, when encountering our desire to receive. Our degree of control over the desire to receive determines our degree of adherence with the Creator and our spiritual levels. The entire hierarchy of levels is our greater and greater level of partnership with the Creator, our working together.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/23/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Nine Stages On The Path To Unity, Point 2

Dr. Michael LaitmanOvercoming the Ego with the Help of the Environment

Having attained a certain point of mutual guarantee, I hold on to it, value it, enjoy it, and want to develop in it. But as a result of the Light that Reforms that I summon, this point begins to grow in a way that is not desirable.

The Light never operated so as to simply bring me to Ein Sof (Infinity), to correction. On the contrary, according to its plan, in its relations with the vessel, it has to show me how opposite I am from it. So to the extent that I make efforts to unite, my yearning, my work, and my efforts turn into darkness.

The moment I accept mutual guarantee as the mutual unity that has to dwell between us in spirituality, the place where we feel that we are together and not separated, the obstacles called egoism are revealed. This egoism is no longer part of this world, but is actually the real egoism that is revealed in contrast to our unity, our connection, and our mutual guarantee.

All the discernments during the descent are merely an indication of how weak we are when it comes to mutual guarantee, and nothing but that. Here the mutual guarantee of the next level is revealed: What is the connection between mutual guarantee and the Creator? What is His attitude towards this? How does He dress in it? How can our mutual guarantee depict Him to me? And so on.

There are two types of mutual guarantee that operate during the states of descent and ascent, and it is the gap between them that determines the height of the level you reach.

Thus we advance. On one hand I should feel the influence of the Light on me as much as possible, and on the other, I should clarify this feeling: “Where does it come from and why? How can I turn it to its opposite form and advance to the desired state?” Later these two discernments become the head and the body of the Partzuf: The head determines what happens to the body and how it should operate. But this is only if you control the desire.

In the meantime you constantly try to look at yourself from the side as well: What is happening to you? What is the Light doing to you? How do you change and how should you change? How should you respond to each and every state?

On one hand it occupies your whole mind and all your feelings, and you experience such states which you simply don’t know how to exit. But on the other hand, you should know that the Creator sends you these states so that you will solve the problems that are created only in the connection with Him and with the goal. The solution to the problems begins with the fact that the goal is the resemblance to and the equivalence of form with the Creator and this is more important than the problem. On the whole, everything is less important than mutual guarantee.

The key to mutual guarantee is the recognition of the importance of the goal. It is because mutual guarantee is a kind of inner feeling which we have to attain: I determine the inner state and how it depicts the new reality. It isn’t just the point of our unity; it expands and becomes the point of the new reality. It is this recognition of the importance of the goal that sustains it and develops it.

We have to constantly clarify what we need and what we don’t in order to raise the importance of the idea of mutual guarantee.

From this point, we return to the greatness of the group and its effect on us. This effect should be versatile; we should use envy, lust, honor, ambition, everything that can pressure me, push me, and shake me. This should be the way everyone operates on everyone else.

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Becoming A Great Priest

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Exodus (Tetzaveh),” 29:29-29:30: The holy garments that are Aaron’s shall be for his sons after him, to be exalted through them and invested with full authority through them. Seven days shall the one son of his sons [who will be] the Kohen in his place wear them, the one who is to enter the Tent of Meeting to serve in the holy.

The spiritual levels constantly rise since they are constantly corrected adding new levels to the ladder, which are the soul. In order to rise to the level Aaron was on previously, it takes seven days, which symbolizes the seven lower Sefirot, to correct the attributes of HGT NHYM.

It’s like a regulator, and because a person who ascends to this level has to be corrected this way in order to become totally similar to these garments, to the corrections of Aaron that were made on this level, then it’s as if a person enters Aaron’s role, Aaron’s level.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/28/13

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Thus Shall The Altar Be Most Holy

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Exodus, (Tetzaveh),” 29:37: For seven days you shall perform atonement upon the altar and sanctify it; henceforth, the altar shall be a holy of holies. Whatever touches the altar shall be holy.

An altar refers to the general desire upon which a person raises parts of his egoistic desire that were meant to be corrected. There are parts that have to be killed because they cannot be corrected in their live state. There are parts that have to be used as food and there are parts that have to be burnt.

There are many options of correcting the desire, but they all refer to one thing only: We need to establish an intention of bestowal on top of each desire and only then use it either in the form of food or as material to burn. When burning something, the unpleasant scent that may rise symbolizes the change of the corporeal part into a spiritual one, that is, the ascent of the uncorrected desire and transforming it into the next state in the form of incense.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/28/13

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