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Lecture “Kabbalah For The Nation” – 02.26.14

Kabbalah for the Nation Lecture

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“The Unruled World”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Stewart Patrick, Senior Fellow and Director of the International Institutions and Global Governance Program at the Council on Foreign Relations): “The demand for international cooperation has not diminished. In fact, it is greater than ever, thanks to deepening economic interdependence, worsening environmental degradation, proliferating transnational threats, and accelerating technological change. …

“Global governance” is a slippery term. It refers not to world government (which nobody expects or wants anymore) but to something more practical: the collective effort by sovereign states, international organizations, and other nonstate actors to address common challenges and seize opportunities that transcend national frontiers.

“Cooperation under such anarchy is certainly possible. National governments often work together to establish common standards of behavior in spheres such as trade or security, embedding norms and rules in international institutions charged with providing global goods or mitigating global bads. But most cooperative multilateral bodies, even those binding under international law, lack real power to enforce compliance with collective decisions. What passes for governance is thus an ungainly patchwork of formal and informal institutions.

“Alongside long-standing universal membership bodies, there are various regional institutions, multilateral alliances and security groups, standing consultative mechanisms, self-selecting clubs, ad hoc coalitions, issue-specific arrangements, transnational professional networks, technical standard-setting bodies, global action networks, and more. States are still the dominant actors, but nonstate actors increasingly help shape the global agenda, define new rules, and monitor compliance with international obligations.

“The clutter is unsightly and unwieldy, but it has some advantages, as well. No single multilateral body could handle all the world’s complex transnational problems, let alone do so effectively or nimbly. And the plurality of institutions and forums is not always dysfunctional, because it can offer states the chance to act relatively deftly and flexibly in responding to new challenges. But regardless of what one thinks of the current global disorder, it is clearly here to stay, and so the challenge is to make it work as well as possible.”

My Comment: There is no doubt that the world will come to the conclusion that a single global government is the only solution to the world’s problems. The international community can be managed only if the masses have the same education and understanding of the closed integral world. Thus the need for integral education in countering chaos arises even now.

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Invisible Strings Of Higher Management

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Letter 18: Therefore, one has no choice but to direct all the present and future moments to be offered and presented to His great name. One who rejects a moment before Him, for it is difficult, displays his folly openly, for all the worlds and all the times are not worthwhile for him because the light of His countenance is not clothed in the changing times and occasions… .

Therefore, one who assumes the complete burden of the kingdom of heaven finds no labor in worshipping the Creator and can therefore be attached to the Creator day and night, in light and in darkness. The rain, which is created in coming and going, changes and exchanges; it will not stop him because the Keter, which is infinite, completely illuminates to all equally.

If a person wants to attain the goal, he must try to connect with the higher management that is concerned about him at every moment of his life. There is nothing besides this higher power, which is good and does good. And if the person is not included within this one good power, then he must nullify himself, and he will then be connected with Him correctly with all his heart and soul, like an embryo in his mother’s womb, feeling that the Creator envelops him on all sides, and it will not be difficult for him to be integrated into His management. This is called being found on the level of the “embryo.”

Only the group can instill the importance of the goal in a person, the need to engage in higher education, as an embryo in his mother’s womb, and the acceptance of the higher control as good and benevolent in all states: both in the good states and in those that seem bad. There is no good and there is no bad, for everything is derived from wholeness, from the world of Infinity. In the meantime we are not ready to see this, but we must work on this.

Therefore it is necessary to connect to the Creator at every moment. Certainly this is very difficult for us in the meantime and even impossible, but this must become our goal. At every moment it is necessary to be integrated into the higher management as if in water. The Creator surrounds me, and instead of wasting time on all kinds of imaginary tasks, I try to feel Him in every thought, desire, and position, in my every turn.

It is the Creator who turns me and arranges everything for me. But where is He, why don’t I feel Him as the director of my heart and mind? I want to feel that I am a puppet that moves by what is above pulling the strings. This is called adhesion with the Creator. First of all there is subjugation, then division, and after that mitigation. By way of these three levels we are included with and adhere to the higher power.

Subjugation is nullification of the self, without this it is impossible to adhere. After that, there is separation of light from darkness. This is to say, I begin to differentiate how much I am different from the Creator, and I try to correct myself with the help of the Light all the time. And after that there is mitigation; this is already work with bestowal.
From the Talk at a meal 2/21/14

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How Can You Get To Know Yourself?

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe can understand reality and what happens only from an upper level downward, and there is no way we can understand the current state a person is in. If I am in a certain state, which I cannot digest or perceive, it is because this state is stabilized by the Upper at any given moment. Only by attaining the Upper, can I attain my current self. So a person never attains himself and his state.

I am on a certain level and above me there is the Upper who has totally designed me: my whole inner state and all the external conditions, since it is actually one vessel. He designed me, and I am a result of His actions; I am created by Him. I don’t understand myself, attain myself, or my reality. So I can never make the right decisions regarding this reality. I shouldn’t make any decisions regarding myself since I will surely be wrong. I don’t have the attributes that made or created me since these are the attributes of the Upper.

So when it seems to a person that he makes decisions in this world, it is absolute nonsense since it indicates his lack of understanding. In this state he is like a small child who thinks that he does something by himself and doesn’t know that the parents are watching him from a distance, guarding him from making any mistakes.

This means that I can never know my current state, the current level I am on, but only what is below that level, the levels to which I am like the Creator and they are my created beings. So if I want to attain who and what I am, then I have to attain the Creator. It is only from that state that I will understand and know who I am.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/20/14, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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An Orchestra Of Virtuosos Of Correction

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can it be that at the end of correction there will still be some differences between us, but at the same time will we be totally equal?

Answer: It is like a philharmonic orchestra in which every musician is an outstanding, well known talent, but one plays the violin, another the viola, and another the bassoon, and so on. All the players differ from one another, but at the same time they are on the same level.

This is the equality that we want to reach among people. Although they are all different by nature, we still want them all to reach the same level. If everyone bestows upon the whole integral system, he is completely equal to the others. There are no great or small. These differences exist only until the end of correction, and then afterward, everyone complements one another and they become equal.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/17/14, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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Toward A New Ascent

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Many friends returning from the convention feel some kind of descent.

Answer: If they don’t search for continuation of the ascent, they will descend. This is natural and understandable.

There is nothing to do about it. We are found in a kind of forward movement like this. I suppose that descent is useful and always moves us forward, but you can avoid it and already use it from the start as some kind of new ascent. It depends upon you.

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Living With Thoughts About The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is maintaining a link with the Creator? What should one imagine in one’s mind?

Answer: Maintaining a link with the Creator means trying all the time to see Him in everything, everything within you and around you.

Question: How can I maintain a link with the Creator throughout the workday if my work is mentally taxing?

Answer: This is a problem. Try to clean out and empty a small area in the mind where you still think about the Creator all the time even though you are involved with work, and try all the time to live on this background.
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Fear, A Basis For Mutual Connection

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I was at a convention in Israel for the first time, and I cannot be freed from the feeling of fear of losing something great. I felt a very great difference between being in my group and being here, in the Bnei Baruch group. The thought haunts me all the time. Isn’t this ego, or is this a normal fear of losing that intensity that is felt in a congress?

Answer: This intensity doesn’t disappear anywhere. It exists on the spiritual plane. If you are connected to it, then you are in it. If you are detached, then you lose it, and after that, you can connect again. This is eternal.

That you feel fear is very good. What is the first Mitzva? It is the Mitzva of fear. I could be detached from the spiritual level, could lose it, I won’t be able to bestow, and so forth. This is the main thing. Therefore, you have a very good basis for staying in a good connection with us.

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Expecting The Messiah

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A couple of days ago you said that if we keep the same level of connection that we have attained the Messiah will come. Are we headed in the right direction? How can we provide the mutual support and how do we continue our work correctly?

Answer: We are heading in the right direction and I am really pleased with the outcome of the convention and with your conduct after the convention. However, we still lack the inner connection, which it isn’t up to us but up to the world around us since we have to draw it after us. Therefore, we will not receive the force of the Messiah until there are hundreds of thousands and even millions behind us since we need to receive the force of Messiah for them.

We have to build up a “layer of fat,” so that there will be a place around us in which people will understand, hear, and feel to some extent what the solution to the crisis is. Then our prayer will not be egoistic and not in order to receive. We don’t receive anything in spirituality for no reason, but only if we have whom to convey it to on the outside. Otherwise it will be a fall, a terrible shattering!

Only when we connect to millions will we gradually be able to convey the Light that Reforms to them and our spiritual attainment will be a billion times greater than what we convey to them. So we need a quantity of people on the outside to whom we will be connected more or less, which can be the result of a lecture that we give, giving someone a book, or telling someone about our ideas, etc. There is no need for any physical connection since it’s by these actions that they already connect to us to some extent through the virtual spiritual network.

We are on the right track and we try to fulfill everything. The main thing is to participate in the lessons and in dissemination: no matter whether the outcome seems good or not. We have to provide people with the minimal information that this is the only way to correct the world, and that’s enough. If we could attract two million people this way, we would really be rewarded with the Light that would raise us to the next level. It’s called Messiah, or the force that draws us through the Machsom (barrier) from the lowest state to the next higher state.

Question: When does an ordinary person connect to us? Suppose he reads something and says that he agrees, is that it, does he already become part of us?

Answer: He has to participate in the connection between us in some way, at least passively, like reading what is on our site or by reading the material that you send him. No matter how a person responds, as long as you nourish him a little with excerpts or articles or invite him to a meal without asking for anything in return but simply inviting him since we gather together. If he only reads something that we publicize, he is already part of us; don’t underestimate these small weak connections!

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