Invisible Strings Of Higher Management

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Letter 18: Therefore, one has no choice but to direct all the present and future moments to be offered and presented to His great name. One who rejects a moment before Him, for it is difficult, displays his folly openly, for all the worlds and all the times are not worthwhile for him because the light of His countenance is not clothed in the changing times and occasions… .

Therefore, one who assumes the complete burden of the kingdom of heaven finds no labor in worshipping the Creator and can therefore be attached to the Creator day and night, in light and in darkness. The rain, which is created in coming and going, changes and exchanges; it will not stop him because the Keter, which is infinite, completely illuminates to all equally.

If a person wants to attain the goal, he must try to connect with the higher management that is concerned about him at every moment of his life. There is nothing besides this higher power, which is good and does good. And if the person is not included within this one good power, then he must nullify himself, and he will then be connected with Him correctly with all his heart and soul, like an embryo in his mother’s womb, feeling that the Creator envelops him on all sides, and it will not be difficult for him to be integrated into His management. This is called being found on the level of the “embryo.”

Only the group can instill the importance of the goal in a person, the need to engage in higher education, as an embryo in his mother’s womb, and the acceptance of the higher control as good and benevolent in all states: both in the good states and in those that seem bad. There is no good and there is no bad, for everything is derived from wholeness, from the world of Infinity. In the meantime we are not ready to see this, but we must work on this.

Therefore it is necessary to connect to the Creator at every moment. Certainly this is very difficult for us in the meantime and even impossible, but this must become our goal. At every moment it is necessary to be integrated into the higher management as if in water. The Creator surrounds me, and instead of wasting time on all kinds of imaginary tasks, I try to feel Him in every thought, desire, and position, in my every turn.

It is the Creator who turns me and arranges everything for me. But where is He, why don’t I feel Him as the director of my heart and mind? I want to feel that I am a puppet that moves by what is above pulling the strings. This is called adhesion with the Creator. First of all there is subjugation, then division, and after that mitigation. By way of these three levels we are included with and adhere to the higher power.

Subjugation is nullification of the self, without this it is impossible to adhere. After that, there is separation of light from darkness. This is to say, I begin to differentiate how much I am different from the Creator, and I try to correct myself with the help of the Light all the time. And after that there is mitigation; this is already work with bestowal.
From the Talk at a meal 2/21/14

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