I Want To Rise To You…

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If the group has someone with an addiction and he has fallen from the general process, what efforts does it have to make in order to be in partnership with the Creator and to overcome our enemy, the ego?

Answer: The Creator doesn’t respond to a person’s individual requests. He actually does respond but not really in the person’s favor, since the person doesn’t give Him a chance to be revealed.

Suppose, I cry out now that I expect the Creator to be revealed to me. I have books and everything that I need! I lock myself in a room and begin to think, to shout, and to suffer.

Will the Creator be revealed to me? No. Why not? Where is the resistance that we build between us? Where is the enemy? He is gone. Where is the place in which He should be revealed?

The Creator should be revealed in the resistance, in the ego, in the fact that I cannot connect with the friends and ask for His help. Only then is He revealed!

But if I think about myself and only mumble: “Well, reveal Yourself to me,” then it will lead to nothing. Why should He reveal Himself?

“I want to rise to you…” what does it mean to rise to Him? It means to become equal to Him, to be close to Him in my attributes. What does it mean to be close to Him in my attributes? One unique and special. This means that the more we connect, the closer we are to Him, and so He is revealed in us.

There are seven billion people in the world. When we begin to rise, then in the next level we will feel that we are like one billion and then like one million, and then as one hundred people, and finally as one. This is the ladder upon which we ascend to the Creator.

I Want To Rise To You…
But if I cry out: “Raise me, reveal Yourself to me!” Then, how can He reveal Himself? There is nothing in you; you are but a point. Only our world can be felt in a point.

Today, His condition is that you can succeed only if you begin to connect and at the same time worry about the whole world. See what a crisis He has put the world into. This is what Baal HaSulam writes about. Only by thinking about the whole world do we gradually begin to rise.

On every level humanity will feel that it is becoming smaller, more compact, and its members will feel closer to one another like in a group, until we all become one. Only when we become one, will we be equal to the Creator.

So we have no other choice but to start connecting in order to reveal Him and to see that we cannot do it by ourselves,

How many times have we read the passage from The Zohar about Rabbi Shimon’s students who were great sages and were on the level of Arich Anpin of Atzilut, the highest level of attainment, which is the revelation of the Creator, the feeling of the upper world. See how they hated one another so intensely that they were ready to kill each other when they started writing The Book of Zohar.

We have to reach such states in which we demand that the Creator be present so that He will connect us. But the relations between us are cold: I don’t really feel like it; I am in a bad mood… we haven’t even reached the feeling of hatred yet.
From the European Convention in Germany 3/23/13, Lesson 3

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  2. There is free course just started, you might be able to register for it:
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