Turn In The Direction Of The Good

Dr. Michael LaitmanEvery person must discover 613 desires in himself and correct them. Only to this is it worthwhile to aspire in dissemination in public life, in everything. Everything that is aimed at this goal, you need to accept. And everything that is against it, you need to cancel. In this there can be no compromise; only the higher law, the adherence of the Kli and the Light, should determine what it is up to us to do.

We hope that we will discover all 613 parts of our desire to receive, and through connection in a group we will succeed in clarifying them, we will see their egoism and begin to work on their correction for bestowal. And this is possible to do only through the Light that Reforms, which is called the Torah.

Therefore all of our existence is possible only thanks to the Torah and the Mitzvot, meaning we must discover the 613 desires of unfounded hatred and correct them to bestowal and love, which is called keeping the Mitzvot. A Mitzva symbolizes that through the Upper Light that is called Torah, we cleave to the Creator and with this we give Him contentment.

This is because today in relation to Him we are like ungrateful children. Imagine to yourselves that your children don’t want to know you, they despise and hate you, are against you in everything, they don’t even want to look in your direction. That is how we behave today in relation to the Creator. And even this is not a sufficient example, because we don’t love our children like the Creator loves us.

Therefore we give the Creator great contentment when we begin to approach Him, to love, to discover our good relationship, opening our heart and soul before Him. All this brings Him great joy. Try to describe and to feel this condition: What terrible sufferings we invite from Above through our behavior today! The Creator is waiting for us to turn our faces towards Him and begin to get close, to recognize Him and agree to accept all of that good that He wants to give to us. And it could be that ultimately we will understand that this is truly the eternal good.
From the Talk at a Meal 2/21/14

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