The Way Of “He Doesn’t Want To”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: For us veterans there is the good fortune of watching the young people in our ranks taking upon themselves the lion’s share of concerns (internal and external) for dissemination of the integral method. They evoke admiration.

But together with this, a bitter taste remains of those people who have studied for some time and have gotten accustomed to another way of study and other mutual relationships. They cannot find their place in this system. So the group is in some kind of conflict. How should we perceive this?

Answer: I understand you very well, because I myself belong to this type of people. It was very difficult for me to recognize this, that the Creator can be attained only through practical connection and unity with people like me.

I grew up in science and I was its fan, so I thought that it was necessary to perform everything through the mind. When I studied The Study of the Ten Sefirot and other sources, I “swallowed” them and constantly digested them within me with all of the juices.

It seemed to me that this would help me and  that only in this way would I attain this wisdom. That is how it continued for a number of years. So I understand these people well. But what can be done? Even for me it was difficult to change myself, because I was created differently: closed, distant from others, kind of  a “bookworm.”

Question: Is it worthwhile to push them imperceptibly a bit to participate in dissemination or is it preferable to leave them alone?

Answer: It is forbidden to leave them alone. They must feel both through bitter envy and through sweet envy that you have what they don’t have and that you will attain the upper world specifically thanks to what you are doing, and they won’t.

You need to help them this way, but don’t deliberately poke them in their face, rather with subtlety, show that they must participate physically in this, if not actively, then with their desires, even those who are opposed: He doesn’t want to, but in spite of it all he participates. So it is said that in spiritual work a person is motivated by envy.
From the Convention In Sochi “Day One” 7/13/14, Lesson 1

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