Israel Is Not A Nationality But An Aspiration

Dr. Michael LaitmanIsrael” are the souls that spiritually awakened in ancient Babylon. They are Babylonians who once sensed an aspiration to become similar to the Creator. This sensation manifested in their search for the meaning of life.

Nowadays, the same aspiration shows up in the form of external symbols. Each one who has a desire “directly to the Creator” and who wishes to reveal, connect with, and depend on the Upper Governance is called “Israel.” These people strive to reveal the meaning and essence of life more than anything else.

Israel is not an ethnicity; it’s an aspiration. This explains why people of diverse nationalities who have this desire tend to unite. At first, unity among these people appeared because of Abraham; later it happened due to Moses. The purpose of unity is to bring us to a state when we all become one man with one heart.

When united, Israel acquires similarity with the Upper Light and turns into a pipe, a channel that conveys the Upper Light. The Upper Light transitions through Israel to other Nations of the world. This is the duty of Israel.

If Israel doesn’t fulfill its mission, the nations of the world blame them, push them in various forms to fulfill their duty, and hate them for not fulfilling their task; this is called “anti-Semitism.” They demand good conduct from Israel because it affects their lives. The nations of the world demand Israel to follow their mission.

So they start to accuse Israel for all the bad that happen in this world. Even the nations that don’t know Israel and never encountered it sense their dependency on it. Presently, the strongest anti-Semitism is felt in South Korea even though they have nothing to do with Israel. But they feel it and anyone who depends on Israel has the same feeling.

The world is structured in a way that Israel serves as a channel to convey the Upper Light that descends though Israel to the rest of humanity. If Israel stands united, the channel opens, and when Israel is separated, the channel is tightly sealed. This makes it very clear that Israel is the most crucial point that determines the state the entire world will be in: good or bad.

The nations of the world do not possess any freedom of choice. They can only come to Israel and oblige it to change. We need to explain this structure to them, which they feel intuitively. They only need to understand exactly they should demand from Israel: connection and nothing but connection! General pressure will not help.

And Israel doesn’t understand what it should do. Therefore, now, the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed when it has become possible to correct the system. Many generations ago, Kabbalists spoke about our time. In the last century, Kabbalists pointed out that during our time unity would be feasible.

The world must unite. We have no idea who belongs to the nations of the world and who is a part of Israel. Anybody who aspires to unity for the sake of attaining the Upper Light is called Israel. Those who belong to Israel must unite and attract the Light to the rest of the world.

This means that Israel has to receive the Upper Light to bring it further to the creation. This is the mission of Israel!
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/21/14, Writings of Rabash

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  1. This article has affirmed a belief or a feeling I have had for a long time. It was revealed to me that Israel is not a place in the physical world, but rather that Israel is a spiritual point of access to the divine and that not every human can access Israel.
    Thank you for affirming what I thought was a crazy idea!

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