Number One Willingness

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In one of our meetings six or seven years ago, you said that if we continued to study the wisdom of Kabbalah and accelerated our efforts, it would eventually bring us to a meeting with the Creator, to the end of correction. Has anything changed since then?

Answer: During this time, we have been through innumerable changes which you cannot even dream about. Don’t you see how the world is changing? Five years ago, we said, “Look at what will happen in a year.” In fact, it has not been one year but five years, but it has happened. If it were sooner, it would have been better, of course, but the world cannot do anything.

The point is not the world, but us. We are the only ones who can hasten our development. The world is simply matter, and there is nothing in it. People will grow and change according to how we “feed” them, but we go through all the changes consciously.

Here, the concern and our inner perception and recognition of what is happening to us is essential, but it takes time because we are wasting our resources on actions that are totally irrelevant and inefficient.

If we clarify what is happening among us correctly only in the perception of our getting closer or drawing apart, in our right inclination aiming at creating the spiritual basis for the perception of the Creator and for uniting to Him, we will begin to advance much faster. We must try to look for the internal hearing and the internal sight, the internal senses. However, they are not in each of us, but between us since they are not corporeal senses but actually integral senses that appear in the connection between us.

If there is no such connection, it means that there are no such senses, but, the moment that there is a connection, new spiritual bodies begin to appear among us just as matter began to develop in the past. Our spiritual, corporeal senses gradually are developed in these spiritual bodies so that the general entity called “the soul” can appear.

This is what we must develop, and we already are approaching that at least in our recognition and our feeling. Previously, I couldn’t convey any feelings and thoughts in words, but now I can because you already are experiencing the correlating states. You already can understand that and experience it.

Now, we can understand one another better and justify one another no matter what state the other is in since we have been through the same states ourselves: descent, detachment, weakness, humility, and so forth.

Unless we can justify every state the other goes through, we will not be ready for the connection with the Creator since, on the whole, it is the Creator who summons all these states in us, and we must justify all His actions and, thus, all of our actions too. This isn’t easy.

I saw how my teacher Rabash went through these states. He seemed holy! However, in fact, to me, he seemed totally different, and I couldn’t do anything against it until I understood that it is the Creator who is doing all that to him for me, and it doesn’t even happen to him but in my consciousness since the whole world is inside me.

However, we already have come close to understanding, to recognizing, and to justifying these states. We are ready for them, and can experience them and agree with them. This is very important.
From the Talk at a Meal at the Toronto Congress, 4/8/14

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