We Are So Close That Words Are Not Necessary

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Let us say that we are discussing a certain integral system in a group of integral education. I cannot restrain myself; I wish to explain the way I see it, but someone else also wants to express himself at the same time. What should I do in regard to my desire? Should I restrain myself and let the other person speak?

Answer: The way you express yourself does not really matter here because you are beginning to transition to the field of feelings. When you begin to work with them on the level of the integral inner composition, you will see that your feelings and thoughts add together with the others. Suddenly, others begin to express your thoughts and feelings, to the point that you do not really need to speak. It turns out that when you include yourself this way in everyone else, you begin to influence them.

You can reach a state where you will begin to feel and perceive one another without words, without the help of your body since you will perceive and feel like you are inside that system you have created between you. And you will not need any physical, verbal communication. You will feel and perceive like you are together in one system where there is no need to descend through our bodies and discuss things on the corporeal level through physical communication.

In other words, we will feel so strongly that we are together in one desire and mind that we will not feel a need to communicate through our bodies. It is just like a mother feels her child, the way we feel people who are close to us even by their movements, or we simply feel what is happening to them.
From a Talk on Integral Upbringing 3/2/12

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