Expanding The Soul By Corporeal Means

Dr. Michael LaitmanDuring the study you should combine both corporeal and spiritual aspects to your attitude with the material—both feeling and understanding. We have to combine the mind with the feelings and include all the means that we have in the world: our mind, our perception, our ability to analyze and synthesize, which means to summarize and to clarify.

But this doesn’t mean that a person with a great potential to study can penetrate the material more deeply and someone who cannot study will penetrate it less. Everyone will have relatively enough abilities: mind and feeling in order to attain the goal of creation—his own end of correction. By incorporating with others he reaches the general end of correction just like everyone else.

But now it is about the work, the exertion. It doesn’t matter what I leave the lesson with, I also have to try to understand it—I have to understand the inner spiritual meaning by my corporeal mind.

This means that I have to try to feel the phenomena that are not part of me yet: love, bestowal, giving, incorporation in the desires of others, connection, something that is outside me, outside my feelings. I have to exert myself emotionally to be outside myself, out of my skin.

Then I hear what these phenomena are called and how they are explained in the books, about how a Kabbalist connects them in the system and what weight he gives them: what is higher, what is lower, external or internal, what expands in height or in width. Now I have to try and connect to these phenomena, which are not somehow felt inside me, by using my mind. However, even though I don’t feel them, it helps me approach them and hold on to them at least by some means of perception, even though it is logically. Thus, I expand the vessels of my soul.

The more efforts I make in order to connect the phenomena that I don’t feel, the more I expand my ability to perceive them and approach the spiritual feeling. Although I use corporeal means, my exertion determines the whole work. So, no matter how much everyone understands eventually, one can philosophize beautifully about it as if he already understands everything, while another does everything in his power to understand and doesn’t succeed, but the efforts are what count.

You shouldn’t try to be stupid, but the wise aren’t more successful here than others. The advancement isn’t determined by individual actions at all, but only by the exertion itself, both in the feeling and the mind. It makes no difference whether someone was born more emotional or wise, it is only his exertion. The exertions should be without any special tricks, just consistently growing exertion. These are the ones who succeed, as it says: “Everything is found on the outside!”
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/3/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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