A Spiritual Plague

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Every day we bring our desire to the morning lesson and especially during the study of The Zohar. How can we gather and raise our demand, our request to the Creator, during the lesson so as not to concentrate on the picture described but to see above it?

Answer: Of course, we shouldn’t concentrate on the pictures that are described, but  should come to the lesson with the impressions that we accumulated during the day:

  • To what extent have I managed to overcome my clinging to my rigid perception by thinking that I bestow unto people and that they bestow unto me;
  • To what extent have I tried to feel the Creator in all that, and that everything stems from Him;
  • To what extent have I tried to see only the positive side in everything so that I can advance spiritually, despite different negative feelings, impatience, disruptions, and anger;
  • To what extent have I tried to direct everything to the importance of the connection with the group in order to find the connection with the Creator.

I have to bring all the impressions and the experiences that I accumulate to the meeting with the group and during the lesson try to focus all my efforts on the unity with the Creator through the friends, which means to feel the spiritual body that is among us between me and the friends.

If I have not accumulated negative potential, I have nothing to bring to the lesson. I need to come to the lesson like to a special event in which I correct what I couldn’t do by myself without the connection with the friends without opening The Book of Zohar with them and receive through it the Light that glues and welds us together.

It is because I have tried to do it without the physical connection with the friends, without reading The Zohar together with them, but I did not succeed! Or I might have succeeded a little, but only to learn that I still lack their participation and so I have to come to the lessons. I come not because I am forced to and am obliged to, but because I yearn to do so. I have prepared myself for it.

It may seem that I speak about some ideal state, but we have to aspire to that. Of course if I come to the lesson like that, I will expect a lot from it; I will tremble and be afraid to miss this opportunity. This is what we have to attain and we can do that only in the form of a virus, by infecting one another by it. If this is the spirit among the friends, a person will see how everything works out for him and he how succeeds in everything he does.
From the Talk at a Meal at the Toronto Congress, 4/8/14

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