The Difficulty Of Conveying Through Words

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why do we experience such difficulty finding words to convey our message to others?

Answer: If we were able to sense the spiritual definitions, we would find simple words capable of reaching the heart of any person.

We have to develop the method of correction in order to bring the entire world to adhesion with the Creator. To do this, we need to sense spirituality. After all, only when sensing something do you begin to understand, which gives you the ability to express it through words. A sensation comes from the depth of the desire, from its force, aspiration, and necessity to fill it.

There are no smart or stupid ones. Everything depends only on the desire! In our world there are people who can express their thoughts in a very beautiful and poetic way. This is impossible in spirituality where the depth of sensation and internal pain determine everything.

Our problem is that we are blocked by our mind and we do not care about the correct sensations. These sensations depend on our connection with the world, with the society. After all, you have to find words in order to convey the unity among all! Kabbalah is a science which expresses the unity of souls.

If we do not aspire to connect with one another, we can’t express anything through our words. We take what is written in the books and convert it into slogans and ready-to-use stereotypes that are not clear even to us.

Therefore, everything depends on the degree of our connection with the society, with the group. If this connection exists, if a new sensing Kli (desire) emerges, even if it is yet unable to perceive a lot, this already gives us the ability to speak an easy language which is close and clear to people.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/11/2011, Writings of Rabash

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