The War

Dr. Michael LaitmanThis war in Gaza is the first ideological war, in its pure form, in the modern history of Israel. By all indicators, we are thousands of times stronger than the Hamas terrorists, but winning today is not with weapons but an idea.

First of all, the one who has an idea wins, and secondly, he whose idea is stronger wins.

The Hamas idea is simple and clear. What they want is to conquer Israel.

In 2005, Israel withdrew its troops and evacuated its settlements from Gaza. Thus, we freed them from our presence. Now, Hamas has nothing to liberate, except one – it is the turn to liberate Israel from Jews.

Therefore, they fire rockets at us, crawl through tunnels, and attack us with knives on the streets. They do not put forward any demands; they want nothing from us. They just do not want us. They raise their children with this idea. For the sake of this idea, they are ready to die and to kill anyone who will interfere with it.

We are all as one ready to fight and die for our country, but the army cannot defeat this idea. The idea can be defeated only by another idea.

Everything is clear with Hamas: they are united by the idea of the destruction of Israel. With what can oppose this? What idea do we have?
From the brochure “The Only Way Out”

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