It Is Time To Act

The war in Gaza united us by one disaster, and today we are already different. Israel today is different. We all strive for mutual assistance; we open our arms towards each other; we feel that it is our children there, in Gaza.

Although we are not bound by ties of kinship with them, we are connected by other ties: a common destiny, care, and love. And there is an opportunity to strengthen this, to maximize it until real unity is reached.

How can we accomplish this? Kabbalah answers this question.

For many years, for centuries, Kabbalah was hidden in anticipation of exactly this moment when, finally, people would ask: How do we come to unity? And this question would not be asked out of curiosity.

It will be urgent, will come from the heart, from a huge desire. Then, what was written in Kabbalah many centuries ago will be heard: how, rising above egoism, to come to unity not by force, but easily and in joy.

Today, this moment has come. We already understand that we cannot escape, that we have a responsibility to our children, to the people, to the whole world.

We must become one people and pass this unity to the world. Then there will be peace and true happiness. Because the law that was revealed by Abraham, supported by our people, will be with us: the supreme law of love.

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